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Wake Up Redoubt! Episode 2 – Memorial Day!

Mark your calendars for the "Liberate America" event on June 13th!

Memorial Day!

Wake Up Redoubt!

Episode 2Memorial Day!

A new podcast featuring Shari Dovale and Bret Roush, with Redoubt News. Topics will vary per the headlines, and will include commentary in their unique manner. Watch for it – Shari may get snarky with her dry sense of humor.

Different episodes will feature a variety of guests. Stay Tuned and Stay Informed!

Today’s podcast includes Memorial Day, Alaska School District Banning Books, and the CDC Guidelines to reopen schools.

We also discuss Idaho Governor Chicken Little getting his thugs at the State Police to raid a little pub in small town Kendrick and Broadwater County, Montana Commissioner Laura Obert, who has been charged with crimes that could put her in prison for up to 10 years.

We finish with the Foolishness of the Week, namely Alyssa Milano and her crocheted facemasks for Covid-19(84).

Don’t forget to mark your calendars for the “Liberate America” event on June 13th.

Great Speakers are scheduled, including:

Tom DeWeese of the American Policy Center
Joey Gibson, of Patriot Prayer
Rep. Heather Scott (ID)
Rep, Matt Shea (WA)
Ammon Bundy
John Jacob Schmidt, Amrron and Radio Free Redoubt
Rene Holaday – Lady Liberty of LIberty State
Scott Herndon, Abortion Human Rights Act Idaho
Jaclyn Gallion
Rob Chase
Pastor Afshin Yaghtin
Ingri Cassel, of Immunize Wizely on Republic Broadcasting Network
Greg Pruett, of the Idaho 2nd Amendment Alliance
Chris Brumbles, of Oregon Firearms Federation
Cornel Rasor, Candidate for idaho State Representative

Check the event page here:

Here are some resources for you:


Wake Up Redoubt! Episode 2 - Memorial Day! Wake Up Redoubt! Episode 2 - Memorial Day!

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