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The Idaho Open For Business Rally

The good folks of Idaho in full defiance of Little's draconian rule

The Idaho Open For Business Rally

The Idaho Open For Business Rally

by Norton II

May 2, 2020, BOISE CAPITOL

WHEEEE ! THE PEOPLE !…The spirit of resistance was in full flower today on the capitol steps, a vocal throng of some 2,000 come to protest the Governor’s marital law, and to give him a much needed reality check. Called the “Idaho is open for business” rally and spearheaded by the redoubtable Ammon Bundy, we saw the good folks of Idaho in full defiance of Little’s draconian rule, giving him what for in a classic civil disobedience. Masks were few, and far outnumbered by accessories of the open carry variety..Social distancing ?…what’s that ?..Viewing the crowd, one could savor the unintended consequence of so many thrown out of work by the CV scare. Freed of job responsibilities, here they were on the capitol steps, and bringin’ it to the Governor !

 Open For Business  Open For Business
 Open For Business
 Open For Business

Editor’s Note: All photos credited to Casey Whalen, North Idaho Exposed. Please visit his YouTube Channel here:


The core and thrust of the day called upon the Idaho Legislature’s power, that they rescind and abolish Little’s misguided decrees… Calling on them to address the exigencies of the moment, return to Boise, and relieve us of a cure worse than the malady. What good is a government of three branches, designed to be a check on each other, if one of the branches is MIA when we need it the most ? As of today, May second, Governor Little has retreated from his full on marital law and has switched to a carrot and stick, incremental reopening. If Idahoans behave themselves and toe his line, Little has held out rewards. Perhaps he’s forgotten, but we certainly have not, that his knee jerk shutdown was unwarranted and illegal from the start !..He is not doing us any favors by returning the life, liberty and happiness that was never his to take, that is our birthright as Americans.

Listening to many of the rally-goers, this correspondent heard a variety of opinions, but all centering on relief from the onerous CV restrictions..Hearing from Beth, from Nampa, or Jerry from Eagle, or Dave from Canyon City, we heard the need to push back ! that silence is compliance ! We heard a perception of  Little’s dicta as a test of Govt overreach, dicta that had to be rejected in preserving liberty…..We heard outrage over the closure of churches. We heard a young mother, her husband one of the many laid off, and worrying about putting food on the table….

In short, we heard that it is time….time to take our lives back….Time to throw off the ridiculous CV scam and see that the Emperor has no clothes…Time to open Idaho for business ! It is for us, for we the people, to make it so…..


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4 Comments on The Idaho Open For Business Rally

  1. Hey idahoboob, this hoax is caput. Little is going to have a damn hard time next election, us “northerners” will see to that!

    • Why are they morons for protesting for freedom? It seems you are the moron for not wanting freedom. “If you seek security over liberty then soon you shall have none.” Benjamin Franklin.

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