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Re-elect Sheriff Daryl Wheeler

Fortunately, we have Sheriff Wheeler

Sheriff Wheeler Takes The High Road

Re-elect Sheriff Wheeler

A recent article in the Daily Bee reveals a write-in candidate’s views on her run for the Office of Sheriff of Bonner County. Having read the article twice now, I am confounded by her lack of understanding the position for which she is running and of the duties of a Sheriff.

She states, “This is an elected position. It’s not a law enforcement position necessarily and there is training for it if you’re not in law enforcement and you get elected.” Additionally, she says that she doesn’t look to make changes but wants the Sheriff’s employees to tell her “what’s going right and what’s not”. In other words, a dilletante without a grasp of the position or the ability to even articulate her reason for running, particularly for the head of a complex and highly skilled agency with the powers of arrest.

Fortunately, we have Sheriff Wheeler, who has led the Bonner County Sheriff’s Office in a professional and courageous manner for many years. He understands his responsibilities to those he serves, to the employees he directs, and most importantly, he understands and defends the Constitution. He has earned the respect of the law enforcement community at large and the citizens of Bonner County.

This election really is no contest.

Louis Perry, Sandpoint

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