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It’s Important to Vote for Incumbent Steve Bradshaw!

Idaho Primary Elections May 19th

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It’s Important to Vote for Incumbent Steve Bradshaw!

Having observed County Commissioner Steve Bradshaw over these past two years, it’s safe to say that we made a good choice when we elected Steve Bradshaw.

It was refreshing from the start to have a politician speak in language so clear, unambiguous and unabashedly conservative; and he has remained so thought out his term.

From taking a decisive stand against the silicon smelter when other commissioners preferred to remain neutral, to declining a pay raise after the County tightened its budget, to refusing to drive property taxes higher through foregone taxes that had been created prior to his term, he stayed true to his campaign promises.

Ignoring a problem or kicking the can down the road is not his style.  We saw that when the Sandpoint City Council sidelined Idaho law and the Constitution to acquiesce to the demands of a band playing at the Festival and banned guns from a public park, placing City and County law enforcement in an untenable legal conundrum. When negotiations with the City Council were fruitless, Steve Bradshaw got the ball rolling on litigation by the County against the City to protect the Second Amendment.  He received no small amount of criticism for that, especially from his opponent.

Many indications are that his opponent would not be on the same page on other issues as well, though he couches his words in generalities.  That makes it even more important to vote for incumbent Steve Bradshaw!


Sharon Oldfield

Sandpoint, Idaho

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