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Competence vs. Negligence

Rep. Dorothy Moon Announces Reelection Bid competence

Competence vs. Negligence

LaVerne Sessions’ May mailer contains several errors which require correction. In the mailer, Sessions states that Rep. Dorothy Moon:

  • “Voted with special interest 91% of the time”. If Sessions would read the Recorder Herald of April 30th (see Page 6), she would see that Rep. Moon voted with the Idaho Farm Bureau Federation (IFBF) 95% of the time, making the IFBF her top “special interest”! Of course, these percentages only apply to specific bills of interest to these organizations, not to all bills voted upon by our legislators.
  • “Voted against regulating vaping for Children under 18”. Rep. Moon states that children under 18 are not allowed the use of any tobacco product (including vaping) under existing state law. Sessions’ allegation is wrong.
  • “Voted against farmer’s right to repair their own tractors”. This refers to an initial hearing in which a majority of the committee sent this proposal back to the sponsor to correct technical information. This proposal, never became a bill and never was voted on by the full house. The sponsor never brought the proposal forward again. Representative Moon never voted against farmer’s rights. Again, Sessions is mistaken in her allegation.
  • Finally, Sessions omitted the legally-mandated “Paid for by . . . . .” notice on her mailer, a violation of Idaho state law.

In another error, Sessions states she favors continuing the Common Core standards and is apparently unaware that these standards have already been discontinued by both the Idaho House and Senate.

Our state legislators do not listen to representatives who display incompetence, so their constituents lose power in the legislature. Vote for Competence — Vote Moon!


Molly Newcomb, Carmen, Idaho


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