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Will Hedrick, Candidate For Boundary County Commissioner

The Idaho primary election is on May 19th, 2020

Will Hedrick

Will Hedrick, Candidate For
Boundary County Commissioner, District 2

By Donna Capurso, Redoubt News Patriot Journalist

I had the pleasure of meeting with Will and Tammy Hedrick on April 26th and found them to be very pleasant and Will was very forthcoming on what he wants to bring to the position of Boundary County Commissioner for District 2.

“I want to be a Boundary County Commissioner to serve our community with the experience that I have to improve public relations between the county and individuals.  The residents of Boundary County need to know that I will listen and that I work for them and am ready to represent their needs through our county government.”

Will shared the following background information with me. Starting at age 8, Will was raising rabbits to butcher and sell for a profit to earn money for extras that his parents couldn’t afford at that time.  With that, his business experience started 50 years ago. Fast forward to today, he owns and operates a very successful electrical company that he established in Bonners Ferry in 1999.

Will Hedrick was born and raised in Colville, Washington on the family farm that included farming, livestock, and timber harvesting.

From 1980-1987, Will served in the United States Navy.  During the years of 1982-1985 he attended National University where he studied business and law which he then followed up with the Electrical Trade School at Spokane Community College from 1988-1990.

He has been married for 31 years to his lovely wife, Tammy.  Will and Tammy raised their two children, Alicia and Andria, in Boundary County since 1996.  Both daughters graduated with honors from Bonners Ferry High School and continued on to further their educations.  The Hedrick family has been active in the county for 25+ years through the Boundary County Fuller Center for Housing (Habitat for Humanity), Boundary County Fair, Boundary County 4-H, Bonners Ferry FFA, church, schools, and business.  

Along with his 40+ years of business, 25 of those years have been in Boundary County. Mr. Hedrick’s additional work experience includes licensed electrician (Idaho, Montana, and Washington), general contractor, three sawmills, food processing facilities, mining, and oil fields.

Will Hedrick feels that two of the most pressing needs to address are the Boundary County Landfill and Road & Bridge.  These two areas of county government would receive more attention if he is elected.  He feels that an example of Road and Bridge improvements would be to have more roads paved and widened that are heavily used and not just have calcium applied every year, thus reducing wear and tear on the public’s vehicles.  Adding calcium to roads can be beneficial to reduce dust and help stabilize the roads, but by paving and widening, it would eliminate calcium and corrosion on the county resident’s vehicles. Hedrick feels it is vital to our community to continue to maintain county roads and improve them for the safety of the general public and therefore Road and Bridge should be shielded from any budget cuts. 

The Boundary County Landfill would be one primary county service that could use additional resources.  Will believes that we need to focus on recycling and make it more of a revenue producing enterprise.  One of the first steps would be to implement a conveyer system for sorting the recyclables, additional balers to sort plastics and cardboard, which would also in turn offer more jobs in the county.  As a result, the landfill would yield more years of current use on the property.

Will Hedrick’s main area of experience with authorizing budgets is owning and operating successful businesses in Boundary County.  Through his years of experience in business, he learned to operate a business profitably within a budget.

Hedrick understands that taxes are a necessary evil that no one likes but they are needed for a successful, functioning society. In order to fund the county fairgrounds, county landfill, schools, county departments, road & bridge, search & rescue, emergency services (ambulance), hospital, Restorium, airport, and parks & recreation, taxes are definitely necessary. Taxes are proportional to your property assessment values, whether home or business, and are collected accordingly.

Will believes that our focus should be on promoting employment though the private sector, rather than broadening more government growth and that if we promote employment through the private sector, we would be keeping taxes as low as we can but continuing employment growth. He believes the county should encourage commercial development to provide more diversified employment for our county residents.

Unlike the other commissioner candidates, Will Hedrick has decades of business experience including surviving the recession of 2008 and continuing to thrive in today’s economy.  He believes in community support – people helping people – as seen in his dedication to the Fuller Housing.  Other qualities that make Will perfect for the District 2 Commissioner seat is the fact that he has zero criminal convictions and that he is a true Republican; he believes in private property rights, unhindered gun ownership, and responsible taxation.

“I would appreciate your support on May 19th, Primary Election – together we can continue to grow Boundary County’s great lifestyle!”

Feel free to share any of his posts: on Facebook @WillHedrickForCommissioner2020

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