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Where Do The People Go To Appeal For Justice?

Gov. Inslee has currently extended this lockdown on the state's citizens through May 4th

Where Do The People Go To Appeal For Justice?

Where Do The People Go To Appeal For Justice?

by Shari Dovale

This past Wednesday, April 22, your Benton County Commissioners voluntarily ceded their authority, and your sovereignty, over to the Governor’s office without any resident’s approval.

This is how the Benton County Republicans began their response of their County Commissioners not allowing the taxpayers to get back to work and provide for their families.

Already angry at the reversal of two of Franklin County’s Commissioners, and their not giving the residents the respect they deserve, the group declared their belief that “Commissioners Brad Peck and Bob Koch cowered to Inslee’s threats and those of his merry band of tyrants.”

Now, Benton County Commissioners have said that they do not intend override the Governor’s proclamation, and the Republican group is asking:

“If they do not have the legal authority to resist and stand against the Governor’s proclamation, no matter how arbitrary or capricious it is, then what check do the counties have against overreach from Olympia?”

Washington State has been hit very hard by the Leftist Democrat Governor, Jay Inslee, playing political games with the welfare of the State’s citizens.

Inslee’s actions seem to imply a tyrannical rule over the people, through his inconsistent decisions such as randomly deciding who can be considered essential and who can not. Allowing abortion clinics and pot shops to be open but ordering gun stores and churches to be closed is an example of his arbitrary actions.

The Progressive Legislature, which includes Speaker Laurie Jinkins and House Minority Leader JT Wilcox, have approved of Inslee’s actions in keeping the voters under lockdown.

Gov. Inslee has currently extended his orders against the state’s citizens through May 4th, and is expected to extend it much longer before it is lifted.


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