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The Idaho primary election is on May 19th, 2020

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Photo Credit: Donna Capurso for Redoubt News.

I have known Sage Dixon since I worked on his first campaign for District 1, Seat B, State Representative in 2014.  Even though I had to move to a new district, I still work on his campaign.  He is a thoughtful, godly man of integrity who cares about his community and did so long before he ran for office.  I have gotten to know his wonderful family.  They have helped me with many projects from banquets to parade floats to stuffing hundreds of bags with school supplies for the county fairs.  They are good people.

Since Sage became a State Rep. I have become familiar with the goings-on in Boise.  My son was his first full-term intern.  Sage became a great friend and mentor to him.  I learned a lot about what it takes to be a legislator and appreciate the discipline it takes to do the job well.  I have seen Sage take the time necessary to learn procedures, get to know his colleagues and the personnel elected officials must work with to get things done.  He has matured as a legislator while holding fast to his principles.  He is not afraid to take a stand for something he believes in, he just does it quietly.

I have watched him take responsibility for his mistakes, handle a room full of critics with grace and civility, and let others take credit for his hard work.  He has attended EVERY Town Hall since their onset in 2015.  He loves the good people of Bonner and Boundary counties and relishes one-on-one contact with his constituents.  He will treat you with respect regardless of where you lie on the political spectrum.  All he asks is that you do the same.  Sage is one of those rare breed of legislators who is not in Boise to feather his nest or make a name for himself.  He truly wants to SERVE.  He is the very definition of his motto: A Statesman, not a Politician.

Please re-elect Sage Dixon for House District 1, Seat B.  It is the wise thing to do.

Robin Gray

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