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Resist, Or Politicians Will Take Your Liberty

We cannot ignore the truth about the loss of liberty

Resist, Or Politicians Will Take Your Liberty

Resist, Or Politicians Will Take Your Liberty

By Wayne Hoffman

Let’s be crystal clear about this: The U.S. Constitution and most state constitutions have been suspended. Your freedom to earn a living, travel, worship, and even mingle with others have been abridged. It seems many people are OK with that. I’m not, and I wish you wouldn’t be either. It never ends well when a government official, whether a mayor, governor, or a president, is treated as an omnipotent being whose decisions cannot be questioned. Granting mere mortals unlimited power turns politicians into rulers, and the rest of us into prisoners or slaves. 

This is not hyperbole. You don’t yet know what inalienable rights we will be told to surrender next. In Vermont, the government has banned the purchase of items deemed nonessential, with customer access to those items blocked. Kansas is using a GPS program to track people’s locations through their cell phones. At the federal level, the president has ordered companies to manufacture certain products, to the delight of many members of Congress from both political parties. 

How much worse can it get? California is toying with the idea of implementing martial law. Overseas, the president of the Philippines has ordered police to shoot to kill people who leave their homes without permission. If we fail to compel our elected officials to follow the constitutions they’ve sworn an oath to uphold, there’s nothing left to protect you from your government.

Even in a crisis, people have rights which, at my day job, my team and I work tirelessly to defend and secure. We have a responsibility to acknowledge that Gov. Brad Little’s stay-at-home order is an abrogation of constitutionally protected rights. Should you isolate or work from home? That is your decision to make, because it is your right to make it. 

Believe me, it would be much more desirable to just write about what a decent state chief executive Brad Little is. Apart from the statewide lockdown, I give him high fives, because he deserves it. Little has put in place a state government hiring freeze. He just ordered agencies to plan for a five percent spending cut in the budget year that starts July 1, in addition to the one percent cut he ordered for the current budget year. He has frozen pay for existing state employees, and that means pay raises that were planned after July 1 are on hold. He has suspended regulations that stood in the way of delivering healthcare services to Idahoans. I wish this column was all about that, because it’s a roadmap for other states to follow.  

I’d also like to spend more time writing about what our education system should be doing at this moment. What an incredible time for brick-and-mortar public schools to look at what’s working for kids who are already educated at home. There are roughly 6,000 students enrolled in Idaho virtual public schools and thousands more homeschool kids. Their learning continues, but traditional schools have shuttered their doors. In other words, most Idaho school children could be learning now, instead of waiting for the government to reinvent the learning wheel. 

We cannot ignore the truth about the loss of liberty, and what we’re really setting ourselves up for in the long term. So to commemorate the beginning of the War on Viruses which, much like the War on Drugs and the War on Terrorism, doesn’t have a clear end, remember the fitting-for-the-times ditty made famous by the Kingston Trio:

They’re rioting in Africa
There’s strife in Iran
What nature doesn’t do to us
Will be done by our fellow man.

Your reaction to tyranny, even when that tyranny is “sincerely exercised for the good of its victims,” as C.S. Lewis wrote, informs how you’ll likely react in the next crisis. And the next. For the first time in human history, supposedly free countries around the world have just ordered the lock down of their own citizens and economic harakiri. Most people have gone along with it. You can’t possibly imagine what will come next. All I’m saying: Resist, or prepare to find out.


Wayne Hoffman is president of the Idaho Freedom Foundation.

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20 Comments on Resist, Or Politicians Will Take Your Liberty

  1. Resist much. Obey little. (Walt Whitman).

    Ephesians 6:12- For we do not wrestle against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of [a]the darkness of this age, against spiritual hosts of wickedness in the heavenly places.
    (This rings so true in today’s world)

  2. Next up is force vaccinations and taking Bill Gate’s nano tech tattoo, (aka Mark of the Beast) indicating you are virus free so you can buy, sell and travel.

  3. Bad politicians remind me of a bad employer who has either been bought out or changed management. You might have started the job with good benefits and as the years go by, the benefits get taken away and the work culture degrades. I compare those employee benefits to our rights as citizens.

  4. I have been saying for weeks this is a test of how far government can push the people before the people push back.

    Ask yourself, what can I do without governments permission today? Are we truly free?

    • I am the same. If I owned a business, I would not close or alter how I was running business. The numbers from this virus dont add up to the hype. I’m a first responder, so we are not closed.

      If you dont want to lose your business and everything you have worked for, dont close. Government is here to serve the people, not the other way around.

      We are only as free as we are willing to be. If you allow the government to overstep, that is where they start the next time. People need to be blowing up the phone es of their representatives about this.

      • Unfortunately, if your business is deemed “non-essential”, government has already told you to close under some threat like turning off your utilities, fines, revoking your business licenses. Are you remaining open?

        My utilities, rent, insurance, security, etc. all have to be paid. If your open and no one is coming to your business because they have also been told they will be fined and arrested for violating an order, what good is it to be open when no one shows up?

        Since you have identified yourself as a first responder, I would have to presume you are NOT a cop. Cops are the ones keeping you in your homes and away from your businesses under the threat of punishment. You can say you would defy government, but can your family handle the consequences?

        • Not a cop. But not all of them agree with this stuff. Most of the Sheriffs dont for sure. Depends on where you live.
          The threats only work when you comply. It is unconstitutional to order people to shutdown a business or to basically put the nation on house arrest. One business staying open is doomed. Thousands is people making a stand. They can not enforce BS laws if we dont let them. They can not arrest all of us. Plus, if they are releasing felons then arrest a law abiding business owner, that business owner should lawyer up and sue the pants off of the jurisdiction that arrested him. Hell I would donate to their legal fund.

          • We are on the same page my friend; it is unconstitutional, but the government is doing it and people are complying. I feel the people haven’t had their “Bug’s Life” moment (re-watch the movie from a political point of view – more of us than there are of them). What I fear is people won’t stand up out of fear (V for Vendetta).

            People sound off all the time behind keyboards, but there is zero action. Is it because they truly don’t believe in their cause to preserve their Constitutional rights or is there no real way to organize a cause without government knowing you’re doing it and being hauled away as a “terrorist”. As technology increases government is going to know more about everything you do than you may realize.

            Pay attention to Bill Gates and what he is pushing, then grab the popcorn or a gun. I pray Trump shuts down what he is proposing. This virus will change the way we go about our daily lives, just like 9/11 did. Complacency of people is what I fear…we are a lazy bunch.

          • There is a reason to be strong, stable, rational in politics. Imagine if America’s situation was:
            1) Prevalent agrarianism and husbandry visible in all neighborhoods.
            2) Hardly no one was in the Stock Market
            3) All our money was gold, silver or copper.

            I think there are a lot of really really numb people right now…I have a very small 401k and it has dropped 15%. Imagine some one who was more than a little invested in the stock market and had a large 401k that was also in the stock market. Poof!….and don’t be fooled by the MSM saying the Stock Market is UP….it is propped up by the Federal Reserve pumping fiat debt money into our balloon.

            One of the most patriotic books I’ve ever read was Alfred Crozier’s “U.S. Money vs. Corporate Currency” (1911) warning us about Central Banking. Some did try to protect us.

            The path to pure Statism in all its arbitrary and horrible manifestations was assured when we lost the integrity of our money.

  5. In the full range of personal responsibility…if a person does have a virus and spreads that to others does that have criminal consequences? That would be a hard thing to track and prove…but it is real. Persons spread disease. That is what Removal, Isolation and Quarantine are designed for.

    What peoples of the past ignored those wise practices? There was a 30 Day Quarantine Law in southern France in the 1400’s for ships coming from foreign ports…one ship came from Turkey with exotic goods…the merchants convinced the Harbor Master to waive the quarantine..and the Black Death entered Europe. And what about these practices in relation to Small Pox and the Native Americans…they could have benefited from them…in fact their practice was to congregate around the inflicted person to help them fight…in this case not the best course of action.

    Is COVID-18 equivalent with the Black Death, Yellow Fever or Small Pox? I don’t know…but I think probably not. But is that the point and question…no…the point and questions is, “Does government have the right to instigate and enforce Removal, Isolation and Quarantine laws to combat disease?”

    Keep in mind the first Constitutional crisis came in 1793 when a Yellow Fever epidemic drove Congress and President Washington from Philadelphia for a month. The government shut down and they forgot to reconvene to another place before abandoning Philadelphia…and they were not going to risk going back to Philadelphia so they could reconvene.

    And there was a reverse quarantine on Philadelphia…people from the surrounding areas blocked everyone from LEAVING Philadelphia…they even tarred and feather some who tried to leave. How does that compare with rationality, prudence, liberty, freedom and tyranny? Yellow Fever is hard core…Quarantine is hard core. These are not things to give only a passing thought to.

    In my mind, what this has shown is the sheer instability of our economy…vast portions of peoples savings wiped out…vast amounts of debt money pumped in. The tyranny of quarantine aside…a serious look at what this means for our economy and monetary system is disconcerting.

    • Agree with what you are saying; however, with the power hungry group running this nation, what laws are going to be instituted that are going to erode “personal freedoms” all in the name of public safety? One only has to go back to 9/11 to see the freedoms eliminated after that. The tread after each “crisis” has been shifting power from the people to the government.

      A vaccine is continually being talked about, for a flu strain of a virus (that should cause one to ponder – watch out when they start saying this isn’t a flu strain), and government says the vaccine is mandatory. Bill Gates is talking about people having a certificate of proof showing you either have the antibody or have been inoculated for the virus (do some research on Gates and his “foundation” and see how far his tentacles reach). How is that accomplished, other than drawing the blood of all US citizens.

      We live in a different time and government wants total control.

  6. When man worships the creature instead of the Creator that is called “the abomination which maketh desolate”. America better get it’s God in the right order.

    Ezekiel 33:29 Then shall they know that I am the Lord, when I have laid the land most desolate because of all their abominations which they have committed.

  7. You are dead on Sir, I just can’t imaging most churches and of all things reformed ones bowing to agree a virus is a just cause to obey rules violating God’s laws. while abortion is an essential service, killing and then selling baby parts is encouraged while the sword of the Spirit, to warn us. by fearing this virus ignoring the warning try saving keeping or preserving this present life, is losing our life eternal!. God’s ambassadors should apply the Lord’s own words. Six texts on three different occasions should wake us up. They are: Matt. 10 ; 39, 16,: 25, Mark. 8: 35, Luke:17: 33, and John. 12 : 25. We should believe His words shall never pas away, but must be to every called servant a sweet savour of Christ unto God in them that are saved, and in them that perish. 2 Cor.2 :15 16, and 17, They do not corrupt God’s word!

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