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Representative Sage Dixon Walks His Talk

The Idaho primary election is on May 19th, 2020

Representative Sage Dixon Walks His Talk

Representative Sage Dixon Walks His Talk

Imagine winning an election with an illegal ballot, an election that raised the taxes of property owners nearly two-fold. Then imagine fighting in court – with taxpayer money – against a property owner, to keep the illegal election in place, and then demanding that said property owner pay the fees of your five attorneys. Then imagine violating a second law that mandates that school board members follow all Idaho laws.

You don’t have to imagine it.

Because it’s exactly what Representative Sage Dixon’s primary opponent did.

On the contrary, Rep. Dixon served his constituents as a member of the House Education Committee, the Public School Funding Formula Interim Committee, and secured an innovative school grant for Clark Fork junior and senior high schools.

And he’s fought to keep increased taxation at bay.

As a member of the House Revenue and Taxation Committee, Rep. Dixon worked to lower income, corporate and property taxes, and to remove sales tax from groceries.

While his opponent talks about lowering property taxes, even as he fought a property owner to keep them in place, Rep. Dixon has walked that talk, dedicating his efforts toward lowering taxation for district residents.

For these reasons, I urge you to cast your May 19th primary vote for Representative Sage Dixon.

Karen Hanna


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