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Rep. Sage Dixon: The Right Choice for District 1-B

The Idaho primary election is on May 19th, 2020

Representative Sage Dixon Walks His Talk

Rep. Sage Dixon: The Right Choice for District 1-B

Rep. Sage Dixon’s primary opponent is running on lowering property taxes, but fought to have a permanent, significantly-inflated property tax levy, whose ballot violated Idaho state law, remain in place.

Rep. Sage Dixon’s primary opponent wants Idahoans to report on those who ignore stay-at-home edicts.

And Rep. Sage Dixon’s primary opponent is supported by some of the most radical, far-left Democrats imaginable.

On the other hand, Rep. Sage Dixon has worked to lower property taxes, has secured grants for area schools, and stands steadfastly for freedom and our right to free speech and assembly as well as our right to self-defense.

So the question is this: Do you want a representative who presents himself as something he’s not? Or do you want an honest representative with unwavering principles who will always stand on the side of smaller government and maximized freedom?

The choice is clear: Vote Rep. Sage Dixon on your May 19th primary ballot.

Steve Wasylko
Sandpoint, ID


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