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Rep. Matt Shea – Exonerated and Still Fighting

The socialists must be defeated in November!

Exonerated and Still Fighting

“…this investigation found no evidence that Representative Shea presents an imminent direct threat to any individual or group…” (Pg. 81).

by Rep. Matt Shea

Dear friends and fellow patriots,

After $120,000 of your tax dollars spent on an unprecedented and totally biased investigation, facilitated by a group owned by a registered Democrat, and instigated (in my opinion) by a dishonest sheriff who wants me out of the way, so he can run for congress … After all that, the so called Rampart report – came up with zero evidence … none … zilch … of any wrongdoing, illegal or immoral.

Remind you of anything going on nationally?

Below is a link to one of three national news articles exonerating me. From The New American it is an in depth analysis that sheds light on what is really going on behind this “fake” investigation.

Like Trump, I’ve dared to stand in the face of the socialists. That’s why my political enemies rely on various mainstream media presenting you stories with no facts, only hearsay, innuendo, opinions, and rehashed news stories repeating the same lies over and over again, hoping you’ll buy it. It is political assassination, plain and simple … followed by a label lynching. Yet, no charges have ever been filed against me and I am still a practicing attorney.

Every year without fail the mainstream press, beginning with the Spokesman Review has done everything in their power to take me out. They hate me, like they hate President Trump. They can’t take me out at the polls, because voters know I’ve been faithful to the principles of lower taxes, less government, and more freedom. They know I am, and will continue to be, true to my word, my heart, and my district. 

This is only the beginning of my fighting back. There is more to come. The socialists must be defeated in November. Learn More Here.

Thank you to all of you to pray for me and Viktoriya. It means the world to us. I would be humbled, and honored to once again have your support.


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