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Rep. Dorothy Moon’s Real Special Interests

The Idaho primary election is on May 19th, 2020

Rep. Dorothy Moon's Real Special Interests

Rep. Dorothy Moon’s Real Special Interests

Rep. Dorothy Moon’s primary election opponent has accused her of favoring “special interests” without any description of those interest groups or the actions taken to support those groups. This sounds like random mud-slinging.

Rep. Moon has worked hard and carefully to support the “special interests” of her constituents in Legislative District 8B as follows:

  • Worked to help children, parents, and teachers by replacing “Idaho’s Common Core” with a superior, more cost-effective system of state standards;
  • Protected ranchers’ grazing and water rights by working with ranchers, the USFS, and the Idaho Farm Bureau;
  • Worked WITH the USFS and National Forest staff to obtain a 20-year pilot program to reduce wildfire fuels in the SCNF by guaranteeing timber from fuel-impacted areas to firewood, posts-and-poles, and logging operators;
  • Supported our veterans by (1) endorsing legislation for a no-cost Purple Heart license plate, and (2) helping veterans to access denied dental and medical care;
  • Helped outfitters by intervening with Idaho Fish and Game during the recent closing of the steelhead season;
  • Protected the legal rights of miners, rights often ignored by federal agencies and others (Rep. Moon was one of three Idaho legislators awarded the 2020 “Friend of Mining” Award from the I.M.A.);
  • Protected female athletes by supporting the law denying athletes born male the right to compete in women’s sports (born-male athletes have innate greater bone/ muscle strength and oxygen capacity); and
  • Worked with individual constituents to get state or federal services they have been unfairly denied.

THESE are Rep. Moon’s “special” interests, and if you have an interest close to your heart, contact her and explain it — she will listen and do her utmost to help you — because YOU are her “special interest”!

Molly Newcomb
Carmen, ID


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