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The People Are Fed Up and Defiant!

Michigan Governor Gretchen Whitmer has caved to the pressure of her citizens

The People Are Fed Up and Defiant!
Idaho Freedom Rally, Boise, April 17, 2020. (Photo credit: Roger Hunt, Facebook)

The People Are Fed Up and Defiant!

by Shari Dovale

The outlook was grim when the initial lockdown orders were handed down from the government elites. People were scared. Some were afraid of catching this hyped-up virus, yet many were more afraid of losing their livelihoods and being able to provide for their families. Yes, the outlook was grim, but not insurmountable.

When it began, the people were told that it was only temporary. Everyone thought they could tough it out for a couple of weeks. But now these orders are being extended. Some believe that there is no end in site and the resulting economy will crash worse than during the Great Depression.

Los Angeles California has extended their lockdown for at least another month, until May 15th.

New York, and their newly gathered regional government group of 7 states, has extended their lockdowns for at least a month.

Wisconsin has extended their lockdown until at least May 26th.

And the list goes on…

But, as is typical, the government information proved to be unreliable. People that expected to be allowed back to work after 2-3 weeks are now being told it can be months before they are allowed to earn a living. This explains why the people are starting to revolt.

A vehicle rally in Michigan, called Operation Gridlock, made national news this week. Bolstered by the protesters in Michigan, rallies are being planned in other states around the country. States including Utah, North Carolina and Ohio also saw demonstrations this week, with more planned for the coming days, including in Oregon, Idaho, Washington and Texas.

Sacramento California planned for Monday, April 20th

Rally to ‘Re-open’ Arizona planned for Phoenix, Patriot’s Day this Sunday.

Richmond Virginia gathered this week and will again rally on April 24th.

A Montana Liberty Rally is planned for Sunday, April 19th.

ReOpenOregon has scheduled a rally for May 2nd at the State Capital.

A Liberate Minnesota rally was held today with over 600 people expected to attend.

Idaho is holding multiple rallies, with many taking place today throughout the state. The Boise rally had estimates of over 1,300 people attending.

Washington is holding a Freedom is the Cure Rally, hosted by State Representative Matt Shea on May 1st.


This is not an all-encompassing list, which goes to show how the citizens of this country are beginning to fight back. They are tired of politicians allowing their country to fall into the abyss. They want to restore their way of life, not wait for the government to decide for them.

The protests have shown that they are effective, as Michigan Governor Gretchen Whitmer has caved to the pressure of her citizens and has announced that she will begin to reopen the state economy on May 1st.




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6 Comments on The People Are Fed Up and Defiant!

  1. People I have spoke to in my neighborhood are fed up too. They want to get back to normal and like these great protesters are sick on not having their freedoms and liberties.

    As we gave them up, will we get them all back as we are seeing that this virus has already infected most of us, yet we show no symptoms? With more tests, bet me that 20% to 30% of our nation already had it and are doing just fine.

  2. This is a scamdemic. Numbers are inflated. Media has hyped it up. All based on bad science just like global warming. More will suffer and die as we commit economic suicide. Common sense die a long time ago, now rational thinking is a rarity. It is more like “we the sheeple”.

  3. We’ve learned that while the Chinese Disease is highly infectious, most people exposed to it have mild to no symptoms. Of those who need medical treatment, up to 40% die, but they’re a very small percentage of the total actually infected.

    The bottom line is that if it makes you sick, you’re in trouble, but the vast majority of us will be fine.
    Sorry about those who don’t make it, but we can’t destroy our country over this, what we’re doing is worse than the disease by far.

  4. The curve has been flattened, but the areas under the original curve and the flatter curve are virtually the same. That means the same number of infections will occur, just spread out over a longer time frame.

    That is inevitable, but what is not inevitable is the destruction of the economy. That is solely in our power – to continue the lockdowns for little to no returns on the public health side, but devastation on the economic front. Or reopen the economy, stop that destruction, and accept that the virus will march on until it burns itself out.

    I know where I stand.

  5. The people in each state will decide when the state will re-open. Civil disobedience is about to begin in masses, the people have had enough of getting jerked around by these so called “experts”.

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