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Open Letter to Idaho Gov. Brad Little

There is still that constitutional issue you have studiously ignored.

For Idaho~ He Is Too Brad Littleand Too Late
Brad Little (photo: KTVB)

Open Letter to Idaho Gov. Brad Little

Dear Sir:

On April 15 you issued a blanket extension of the stay-home order. We were dismayed that you did not consider a more thoughtful approach for our state, in which a third of counties still have fewer than five infections.

We complied with the initial 21-day stay-home order because of dire predictions from “experts” and elected officials who relied on data-driven “models”. The models have not come close to being realistic but were nevertheless used relentlessly to project near-apocalyptic numbers of infections, hospitalizations, and deaths which, in turn, were used to deprive us of certain constitutional rights and to justify an unprecedented economic shutdown.

The symptoms of coronavirus are typically similar to those of a cold or flu, and the U.S. experiences flu seasons far worse than what we’ve seen from coronavirus, based on CDC and other statistical sources from just the last ten years, in terms of infections, hospitalizations, and deaths. Yet there were no major headlines in the media, and nobody ever suggested shutting down the country or a state because of it.

In both of your stay-home orders you fail to explain why this particular flu season requires subjecting us to draconian, unconstitutional, and economically devastating measures. You pat yourself on the back for the “incredible amount of leadership to make the hard decisions to get over this.” Real leadership would have been to drop the cookie-cutter approach in favor of a county-by-county one. And, by the way, there is still that constitutional issue you have studiously ignored.

Sharon Banning
Clark Fork


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1 Comment on Open Letter to Idaho Gov. Brad Little

  1. Those states that insist in prolonging the lockdown/shutdown are just strangling themselves financially. Less sales tax revenue. More small businesses that won’t make it. There should be civil liability and those businesses that are forcibly shut down should sue for complete restitution and perhaps even punitive damages.

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