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Normalcy – Without the Unrelenting Imputation of Fear

Enough of the fear, the blame and the divisiveness!

Normalcy - Without the Unrelenting Imputation of Fear

Normalcy – Without the Unrelenting Imputation of Fear

Guest Editorial by Daniel Rose

I support both Sheriff Wheeler’s letter to Governor Little and Rep. Scott’s liberty vs. government position.

Watch: Rep. Heather Scott 3/31/2020

The balance of physical and economic health is, the gov’t using all of its power and resources in; obtaining a sufficient quantity of tests for voluntary testing, hollering for the following treatment access and supply of hydroxycholorquinine with Azithromycin, coupled with a voluntary individual responsibility to self-isolate and the practice of reasonable social distancing.

Doctor treated 350 Cov-19 patients with 100% success using the drug the media hates

In consideration of the above, knowing that it is impossible for the government to guarantee an individual’s health from any number of diseases, the current extent of government intervention is to protect the job positions of all the employed as “essential” workers, with specific protection to those who are covid19 high risk and those contracting a positive test result, who must suspend their employment. It is settled…, there is no “non-essential” or “deplorable” status as it pertains to one’s ability and desire to earn a living wage in the U.S. or the great State of Idaho!

Federal (CDC) influence upon the Governor’s H&W department to a “self-isolation” plan, backed by penalties of law, pitting “essential” vs. “non-essential,” and business winners vs. losers, grallochs Constitutional principles!

Fear only God…, demand responsible and the least intrusive gov’t action, and let Psalm 91 assist your spiritual needs! Government has the power “We” acquiesce it…, call back the legislature! Silence being consent, is not the Idaho way. Sheriff Wheeler has declared that Governor Little’s unconstitutional edicts be rescinded, this “We” should applaud given the condition existing in Bonner County!

Further, commenting on the recent LTE published in the Bee, by Dr. Burnett of Kootenai Health and others predisposed to socialism and ill-will toward current national, state and local elected officials. As a Veteran of Foreign War, a retired State Trooper, a former first responder, a current elected district official, a medical high risk, and an Idaho “essential” employee, I fully understand the vocational risks associated with; a virus, a bullet and an accusation of misfeasance, knowing our pay scales in some of these professions includes such hazardous pay! Bennett’s passion appears to contain self-idolatry, and further, condemnation of Rep. Scott and Sheriff Wheeler in Bennett’s “professional” treatment of their potential infection, is misplaced, if not possibly a violation of Hippocratic Oath, as is the Governor’s unconstitutional order, if one wants to be honest to their respective Oath’s of Office.

Sheriff Wheeler Takes The High Road

Respectful debate is required and is, plausibly, not present when fear and danger dominate the discussion(s). Unfortunately, disinformation and government inaccuracies lend perception to an event that is not limited to a medical, but also a political, situation.

Fact: Italy health officials and the U.S. Center for Disease Control are inflating the covid19 causes of death, which still do not, arguably, exceed 1.5% anywhere, or, statistically at all above the death rate of a severe flu outbreak of recent winter seasons.

Fact: There are now two potential drug treatments effective at minimizing the harm of covid19 illness, adding ivermectin to the above stated treatment.

Fact: Unemployment has increased from 3% to, currently, no less than 10%, with a recession, if not a depression, baked in to the global financial markets.

Businesses That Are Going To Fail

Fact: The State of Idaho and Bonner County are both representative republic forms of government that require elected officials to defend all aspects of the Constitution, it’s not a cherry picking endeavor. In fact, Bennett’s comments were made as a “licensed” medical professional, with an apparent myopic viewpoint. The unalienable guarantee of political speech, as the people’s representative, provided to Scott and Wheeler requires a non-insular perspective.

Enough of the fear, the blame and the divisiveness. An open door policy for complaint must come also with an offer for solution, fair to everyone; medical workers, police, all “essential” employees, healthy, ill and the Constitution of the Republic!


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