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Manifestation of Evil: Socialist Takeover

These socialists would not hesitate to use violence to achieve their agenda if it was possible to do so.

Manifestation of Evil: Socialist Takeover

Manifestation of Evil: Socialist Takeover

by Pete Ketcham

Many nations in recent world history, some christian and some not, had been taken over by a godless evil element that brought tremendous suffering, death, and in some cases the destruction of the nation itself. Today, our nation is now facing a very similar threat. The following is a brief history of some of these “take overs”


1. In 1817, the Bolshevik Revolution in Russia destroyed the  Romanov dynasty and centuries of Russian Imperial rule, and replaced it with what Vladimir Lenin claimed was a benign government that gave equal justice and opportunity for all the people. This deception grew into the brutal communist government that killed and imprisoned millions of their citizens for no crime. The common trend of all the evil Russian dictators, from Lenin, through Stalin, to present day Putin was their total rejection of God, or any christian influence.

2. Benito Mussolini in Italy, a fascist dictator and cohort of Hitler took over Italy in 1922 as the Prime minister, and through the years increased his power by use of terrorism enacted by his “Black Shirts”, and eventually became the supreme dictator of Italy. He claimed to be a atheist, and had no regard for God, the teachings of the Catholic church, or the bible.

3. In Germany, the rise of  Hitler and the Nazi Party in the early 1930’s evolved into a brutal dictatorship that imprisoned, tortured, and murdered thousands of it’s Jewish citizens. This Nazi party had no recognition of God, and made sure the christian church was silenced.

4. Mao Zedong a communist, took control of China in 1949, and through his reign till his death in 1976 he and his comminist party imprisoned, tortured, and killed millions of his countrymen. The belief in God and the Christian religion was severely persecuted almost out of existence during his reign.

5. During the reign of Pol Pot of Cambodia, an estimated 1.5 to 2 million Cambodians died of starvation, execution, disease or overwork. “The communist  Khmer Rouge, in their attempt to socially engineer a classless communist society, took particular aim at intellectuals, city residents, ethnic Vietnamese, civil servants, and religious leaders”.  Reading the bible or preaching Christianity was punishable by death.


The following are the common characteristics shared by all these dictators and their supporters, and are prevalent in our nation today.

A) They all had an insatiable lust for power, and a determination to gain that power by any means within their grasp, legal or illegal.

B) In their quest for power they used deception, lies, propaganda, and violence to gain control of their countries.

C) They rejected the existence of God, ridiculed and persecuted those that did believe in God and the bible.

D) They lived a personal life of degenerate moral standards, faithful only to their own lusts.

The brief history of these five countries and the common characteristics of the people who ruled them, are the same that is prevalent in our nation today as reflected by the socialist Democratic Party. The violence of these “take overs” is not present today (yet), and this is due to the God-Given restraints built into our constitution, yet due to the degenerate base character of these socialists, they would not hesitate to use violence to achieve their agenda if it was possible to do so.


It is imperative to realize, that in the battle for the soul of this nation, it is no longer just a matter of political opposition between political parties, but is a fight against the liberal socialist control of this nation by the same type of godless evil force that took over the five countries listed above. These socialist have now gained control of the news media, education system, entertainment industry, much of the judicial system, and of course the Democratic party, all of which are being used to accomplish their agenda.

We are now witnessing the manifestation of this evil force by the unrelenting efforts to  execute a coup to remove a duly elected president of the US, and destroy by any means  all who disagree with them. In the continuation of their socialist agenda, they are  now using the corona virus pandemic crisis, and would willingly bring down the nation’s total economy if necessary to accomplice their goal of replacing the president.



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