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Dixon’s Opponent Suppresses Freedom

The Idaho primary election is on May 19th, 2020

Dixon's opponent Suppresses Freedom

Dixon’s Opponent Suppresses Freedom

Local (liberal) candidate, Gary Suppiger shows his disregard for honesty when he said, “State Rep. Heather Scott and Sage Dixon in District 1 and Tom Remington in District 3 must believe that the coronavirus epidemic is not a North Idaho problem.”

“…not a North Idaho problem”?

He clearly doesn’t have a clue about the people he’s referring to. I have been following the narrative from all of these folks and they’re all taking COVID-19 seriously, while also keeping it in proper perspective when held up against the U.S. & Idaho Constitutions. All recommend that each of us practice prudent safety measures without trampling on our rights and freedoms.

Gary is a known liberal who is running as a Republican because he’s not above deceiving people to get what he wants. He supports taking away your rights and liberty and would like to use the boot of the state to control you rather than support commonly accepted personal health/safety measures. If you can’t self-quarantine, wash your hands, stop touching your face, respect others, then Gary is your candidate because he will make you do all those things involuntarily.

If you’re able to practice safety, you like freedom, you want to protect others from illness, then you don’t need the heavy hand of Gary’s big-government dreams dictating what you can and cannot do.

Vote for Sage Dixon; he has an excellent track record of protecting your freedom.

Thomas Leo
Cocolalla, ID


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