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Christy Zito Is Clear Choice For The Voters Of District 23

The Idaho primary election is on May 19th, 2020

Christy Zito

Christy Zito Is Clear Choice For The Voters Of District 23

The upcoming senate  race offers a clear choice for the voters of District 23.

Christy Zito  is an out spoken conservative who will protect our  rights with action. She will vote to  actually protect those rights, votes to protect, not talk then  compromise at last minute to get along, go along. Be it school choice, or our 2nd amendment rights, the right of the people shall not be infringed. Reasonable gun control takes away our right to bear arms and defend ourselves.  Its a baby not a choice, the choice was before the baby was conceived.  Abortion should not be considered as a form of birth control. These are things I know Christy stands firmly for.

An example of Brenda Richards go along, get a long was when the Owyhee Initiative  group was asking BLM and private property owners to include their lands in the Owyhee Initiative, promises were made that if our lands were included, we would be compensated, made whole for any damages that might incur.  I agreed to have a substantial part of my BLM grazing permit included as part of that Initiative. 

After my lands were included as part of the Owyhee Initiative, I was then told my agreement with the Board was not valid. My lands were included, and I received no compensation for damages to my ranch grazing. Brenda was right there telling me my lands were essential for the Wilderness, but no, I would not receive any compensation,  Go along to get along, past promises mean nothing. Its all in doing what is needed to get it done now. 

So Brenda, will this also apply this to abortion, school choice, guns, right to assemble, and all the other cherished right we have as American citizens? Christy has proven where she  votes.

Chet Brackett


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