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Breaking! County Leaders in Washington DEFY Gov. Jay Inslee

"This intrudes on our right to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness;" ~Sheriff Jim Raymond

County Leaders in Washington DEFY Gov. Jay Inslee
Franklin County Sheriff J.D. Raymond. (KEPR-TV Photo)

County Leaders in Washington DEFY Gov. Jay Inslee

by Shari Dovale

The Franklin County Board of Commissioners unanimously approved a motion Tuesday rejecting Gov. Jay Inslee’s stay-at-home order, which they stated is unconstitutional.

The motion by Commissioner Clint Didier read, “I move that Franklin County end recognition of the governor’s stay at home emergency proclamation that is now deemed unconstitutional. We support the reopening for all builders and small businesses that want to work.”

While commissioners do not have the authority to “reopen” the county, Didier said the motion is meant to proclaim that Inslee’s current stay-at-home order is no longer valid. Along with Sheriff Raymond, Didier indicated that the order is an overstep of authority that infringes on constitutional rights.

The Commissioners actions comes a day after a 2 page letter by Franklin County Sheriff Jim Raymond which stated that he believes that adults are “capable of policing” themselves and that as adults “we have the capability of adjusting our habits to these trying times.”

The letter also appears to have been triggered in part by a report to the sheriff that a Pasco church who was conducting ‘drive-in’ church services was told by Gov. Inslee and state attorney general Bob Ferguson in an “intimidating letter” that those services were banned. The attribution to Inslee and Ferguson turned out to be in error, and Raymond posted a retraction letter and apology on Facebook Tuesday morning.

But Raymond says he stands by his remarks that local businesses and houses of worship can return while adhering to strict social distancing standards, adding he believes citizens have been “deprived of their right to earn and to live.”

“This intrudes on our right to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness; and neither I not my office will enforce any arrests or fines regarding the operation of privately owned businesses,” Raymond said, ending his second letter with “let common sense prevail!”

Gov. Inslee announced on Tuesday that Washington state will not be able to lift many of the stay-at-home restrictions implemented to fight the coronavirus by May 4th.

“The data tell us that if we were to lift all restrictions right now – or even two weeks from now – this decline would almost certainly stop and the spread of COVID-19 would go up,” he said.


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  1. That is nice that the sheriffs say that but I have one big question. Are you willing to arrest city police and state troopers who violate peoples rights?

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