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Rose Running for Bonner County Sheriff?

For comment and further information, please feel free to contact Dan Rose

Rose Running for Bonner County Sheriff?

Rose Running for Bonner County Sheriff?


SANDPOINT – Dan Rose announced today the launch of an exploratory committee to assess the viability of a candidacy and bid for the position of Sheriff, Bonner County.

The Constitutional Sheriff is the highest law enforcement authority in the county because it’s responsible for upholding, defending, protecting, preserving, and obeying Idaho and U.S. Constitutions. Statutes and codes are extensions of the Constitution and can obscure or defy the Constitutions original intent. Code and statute that mitigates the Constitutional intent is unlawful and is a Sheriff’s responsibility and duty to help remedy. Further, a Constitutional Sheriff is directly accountable to the electorate for actions taken and omitted, whereas all other law enforcement answers to an often unaccountable bureaucracy.

“The constitutional and statutory authority of any Idaho Office of the Sheriff should never be abrogated or exploited. The Sheriff’s Office is uniquely responsible for values that occasionally require intervention between a sometimes overreaching or errant government and the citizen’s constitutionally guaranteed rights.” said Dan Rose, further stating, “Positive results have been experienced from my participation in several community activities pursuant to this ideal, that I expect to continue.”

For comment and further information, please feel free to contact Dan Rose via email at:

Biographical Information:

– Trustee, Pend Oreille Hospital District
– Republican Precinct Committeeman, Grouse Creek
– Poll Judge, Bonner County Election’s Office
– Member, Safety Peace Officers Retired To Sandpoint (SPORTS)

– Member, Constitutional Sheriff Peace Officer Association

– Former Driver, Disabled Veteran’s, LPOSD

Also, Rose is a retired state trooper with FAA accident investigation and rescue scuba-diver certifications. He holds a B.S. Degree in Finance and Investment and a M.A. Degree in Criminal Justice. A Veteran of Foreign War, attaining the enlisted rank of Staff Sergeant and a commissioned rank of Captain. A resume and CV can be provided upon request.

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