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Rep. Matt Shea 2020 Legislative Session Week 7 Update

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week 7 Rep. Shea 2020 Legislative Session - Week 5 & 6 Update

WA State Rep. Matt Shea
2020 Legislative Session
Week 7 Update


Property Rights

There’s several bills on property rights this session, but in the debate on the floor over SB 6378 over “tenant’s rights,” it was really more about taking away the rights of the landlords. Everyone thinks tenants should be treated properly, but we’re shifting over to thinking that the property is no longer owned by the landlord, and that we’re going to keep the tenant in the property at all costs regardless of what they do. That eviscerates private property rights in America.

A lot of these landlords are mom and pop operations, people owning one or two rentals that are their retirement income. They really want to provide that service to the community, but now we’re making it so difficult that it will be almost impossible for anyone to be a landlord in Washington state.

Why are we moving that direction instead of reaffirming the right to property, and striking the balance that tenants have reasonable expectations that need to be met? That should be done through a contract and not by the legislature. It was pointed out on the floor that the tenants down own the property. Article 1, Section 23 of the Washington state constitution says that no bill should impair the obligations of contracts, but SB 6378 does exactly that.

Cutoff Week

Cutoff week means that all the bills that need to be voted from one side of the legislature to the other need to be done by this Friday (the 6th).

SB 5395 is the Comprehensive Sexual Education bill, which had over a hundred amendments queued for quite a floor fight.

SB 6288 creates the Office of Firearm Violence Prevention, which, in Section 6, subsection a & b, attempts to use taxpayer money to reduce the number of firearms in the State. We’ve created an amendment that says you cannot do that through buyback programs or other means, and you must affirm the right to keep and bear firearms, as the Washington state constitution says in article 1, section 24.




Matt Shea
State Representative (4th L.D.)

Phone: 360-786-7984
Fax: 360-786-1066
Office: LEG 124


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