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Radio Free Redoubt – Coronavirus COVID-19 Episode

Coronavirus COVID-19


RFR on KTW – 2020-02-29 Coronavirus COVID-19 Episode


One of the most significant demographic shifts in the United States today is the movement of people with fundamental American and Judeo-Christian value systems moving into the inland Pacific Northwest. Particularly, this retreat to higher ground encompasses Montana, Wyoming, Idaho, Eastern Oregon, and Eastern Washington.

It’s hardly visible, as a strong current under the surface. But it’s there. That, my friends, is the American Redoubt. A stronghold. A safe haven. A refuge.


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1 Comment on Radio Free Redoubt – Coronavirus COVID-19 Episode

  1. There is no such thing as a “Judeo-Christian” value system. That would be akin to saying “black-white” or “hot-cold” as it cannot be both. This is a label that has been fraudulently sold to our society as another method of pushing the false “christian-zionist” movement.

    Be careful in claiming to be fighting for our inalienable, God-given rights while also being a puppet of the Zionist movement. It is a dangerous position.

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