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Hey JT Wilcox: Why Hasn’t Rep. Matt Shea Been Reinstated?

The people want Shea restored to the full position he held before the witch hunts began.

Hey JT Wilcox: Why Hasn't Rep. Matt Shea Been Reinstated?

Hey JT Wilcox:
Why Hasn’t Rep. Matt Shea Been Reinstated?

by Shari Dovale

We all watched in December as JT Wilcox and his Democrat handlers embarrassed themselves with the publicity stunt they called the “Rampart Report” designed to slander Rep. Matt Shea and bully him into resigning.

They knew they had no evidence of any crimes, so they turned to the oldest trick in the Marxist playbook: propaganda. They hyped up their rhetoric, labeled Shea a terrorist, and convicted him in their own little world of government-controlled media.

Short of his resignation, the Dems would have felt like the victors if the citizens of his district rose up and threatened Shea with tar and feathers.

But, it didn’t happen.

They got their propagandists in the main stream media to print their claptrap, sending it to their contacts throughout the state-controlled media, all hoping for an uprising against Shea.

Again, it didn’t happen.

They enlisted their RINO and Socialist cohorts in Spokane County to continue with the slander and make believe, spreading the trash to other duly elected conservatives. They desperately wanted the venom to spread.

Over and over, it didn’t happen.

As Wilcox and his henchmen sat scratching their heads, wondering where they went wrong, the people did begin to respond … in defense of Rep. Shea.

From his constituents in Spokane Valley, to nearly every county, and people throughout the state of Washington, spreading to the neighboring states and further, the people overwhelmingly rejected the Democrats narrative. They rejected JT’s slimy plans to oust the Conservative Christian.

Resolutions from at least 3 states were passed by Republican Central Committees. Letters were written to numerous news outlets. A billboard showed up in western Washington.

The Uncle Sam sign on I-5 in Western Washington (Facebook)

The people have seen through this sham. They have demanded evidence of the allegations, and received crickets in return. They asked why Wilcox tried to blind-side Shea by waiting weeks to release the report without allowing him to see it. They wanted to know what happened to the Constitution in Wilcox’s political game of cat-and-mouse.

The only thing that came out of Olympia, and the minority leader’s office, were more crickets.

Several National articles exonerated Shea:

The New American – Label-Lynching Matt Shea by  William F. Jasper

Mimicking the attacks on President Trump, ultra-left Democrats and their Fake News allies have unleashed a massive campaign smearing Washington State Representative Matt Shea (shown) as a “domestic terrorist.” Read more.

American Family Radio – The Ballad of Matt Shea by Bryan Fischer

We’ve seen it happen before. There was Brett Kavanaugh, attacked relentlessly and shamelessly with scurrilous, unfounded, and uncorroborated accusations from decades ago. Then there was Judge Roy Moore, again ambushed with defamatory and manufactured accusations from decades ago, all of which fell apart on closer examination. For the past three-plus years, regressives have been trying to politically decapitate the president of the United States using the same sleazy tactics.

Now we are seeing it happen again with Matt Shea, a staunch constitutional conservative in the state of Washington.  Read more.

Townhall – Democrats in Washington State Target Well-known Conservative Legislator by Rachel Alexander

Washington state isn’t known for conservative politicians. But there is one state legislator who stands out amidst a sea of Democrats and moderate Republicans. Matt Shea represents the conservative side of the state, the Spokane area. Because of his views and activism, Democrats made him a target.  Read more.

The people were done. They insisted this sham be over. The people wanted the witch hunt to end. They began demanding their Representative be reinstated.

The Democrats ignored the people and went about their days as if no one had spoken. JT Wilcox ignored the people, taking his cues from his controllers, Laurie Jinkins and the Democrats.

Much to the dismay of the Progressive Socialists in Olympia, it became apparent that no one was going to take the initiative to attempt to throw out Rep. Shea. The Marxists Constitution-hating Liberals then drew up a letter calling for expulsion and trying to get the Republicans to agree to oust Shea from the House of Representatives. The Socialists needed the help of several legislators from Shea’s party to succeed in this endeavor.

It didn’t matter that the Dems thought they had already negotiated deals behind closed doors. They may have believed they had the support of enough Republicans, but the Republican lawmakers knew they would be signing their own political-death warrant if they signed onto the Socialists letter.

All 56 Democrats signed the letter, but not a single Republican signed their name. Not a single Republican agreed to vote against Rep. Shea.

It was over, as reported by the Liberal media. There was no way they could get rid of this very effective Legislator. They would have to leave it to the Socialists in Spokane County to spout their Threats-in-your-Face drivel to the voters and hope that it took root. The only way to remove Shea was through the ballot box.

So the Dems quietly stood down. JT Wilcox has quietly turned his back on the people. No one has said a word, or done anything else.

So why hasn’t Rep. Shea been reinstated to the caucus? Why hasn’t he been put back on his committees? Why is he still in the basement?

The people have spoken. They want him restored to the full position he held before the witch hunts began.

The people are tired of being ignored by JT Wilcox.

If JT thinks the voters will oust Shea at the ballot box, it might be more probable than not that Wilcox will get that response at the ballot box himself.


Call and write the legislators in Olympia. Call JT Wilcox. Ask them why Matt Shea has not been reinstated. Demand that he be restored! Your Voice Matters!

Contact your Washington State House Republicans

House Republicans:;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;


Senate Republicans:;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;


Washington State Republican Party:;;;;;



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  1. Its not enough to just report on this, but to name the names of the slimy participants who have concocted this horror show.

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