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Planned Parenthood Purchases Spokane City Council?

Law enforcement said TCAPP has never violated noise ordinances or laws.

Planned Parenthood Purchases Spokane City Council

Planned Parenthood Purchases Spokane City Council?

By Anna Bohach

Councilwoman Lori Kinnear of the City of Spokane has proposed a bill to silence a church that has been worshiping outside of the Planned Parenthood building in Spokane, WA.

The Church at Planned Parenthood has made national news with their unique and powerful worship services used to combat the abortion giant. Many of the church members showed up to the Spokane City Council meeting this last Monday to express their opposition to the bill which they say limits their Constitutional Rights to free speech and religion.

Councilwoman Kinnear said “The bill does not violate their freedom of speech. Certainly you could be out in front of the facility as long as you’re not blocking the driveway or blocking traffic with signs, you can be quietly protesting, That’s not the issue, it’s when individuals are intent on disrupting the activity inside a facility.”

However, the congregants of The Church at Planned Parenthood (TCAPP) have not done any of the things the councilwoman mentions and those violations are already coded into law. Local law enforcement is regularly at the TCAPP worship services monitoring sound levels and TCAPP has yet to violate the noise ordinances. Pro-abortion counter-protesters however, have violated the noise ordinances of the city in order to disrupt TCAPP services and have received citations for it.

Here is Planned Parenthood “Caring” about the sound as they blast Sexual music for the little kids to hear during our TCAPP service. Why not right? That music just helps their business in the end. It’s not about the sound to them, It’s the prayers, worship and the message we bring (Stop Murdering kids) that they hate.  ~Pastor Ken Peters 

In a recent email sent in response to a concerned citizen, Councilwoman Kate Burke who adamantly supports the proposed bill states:

“RCW 9A.50.020 states that it is unlawful for any person, or group of people, to willfully disrupt the normal functioning of a health care facility. The Revised Code of Washington cites that making noise that “unreasonably” disturbs the peace of the facility is a violation. Unfortunately, we have received notification that patients receiving care in the facility have had troubles hearing their doctors over the noise that TCAPP is making. Because of these disturbances, doctors have trouble administering care and patients have trouble receiving their care. This would be an instance that “unreasonably” disturbs the peace of the facility.

Unfortunately, our police department has taken it upon themselves to ignore these violations. This impedes family access to health care at Planned Parenthood. Currently, there is not an avenue for Planned Parenthood to pursue that provides remedies for these violations. This ordinance harmonizes the noise disturbance prohibitions in the context of health care providers and facilities with the noise disturbance provisions applicable generally throughout the city, by providing for civil enforcement for a first violation and escalating criminal penalties for subsequent violations.”

The statement by Burke is patently false, if members of TCAPP had blocked any entrance they would have been moved by the Spokane Police Department. The Church services are held on the grassy median next to the sidewalk outside of Planned Parenthood or across the street in front of the Salvation Army when pro-abortion activists show up and take over the grassy area.

Planned Parenthood has been lobbying city government to step in for months since TCAPP started their peaceful services outside the abortion facilities. They continue in perpetuating the false narrative that TCAPP has been violating noise ordinances and going over the decibels permitted by the city ordinances.

They have gone so far as to post pictures of Planned Parenthood staff holding a decibel meter displaying TCAPP going over the decibels allowed on their Facebook Page, however the photos show that they are only a few feet from TCAPP’s musical equipment when they should be at least 50 feet from the offending noise. At one service, Planned Parenthood set up speakers in front of their building and blared Salt N’ Pepper’s song “Push it,” a sexually suggestive song, which makes one think that it is not the noise that bothers Planned Parenthood but the message.

According to councilwoman Burke the police are not enforcing the laws of the city of Spokane, but when law enforcement was asked about this they said TCAPP has never violated noise ordinances or laws.

One has to ask themselves if the city council members who are in favor of this new bill maybe pushing it through because they have received money for their political campaigns from Planned Parenthood’s PAC?

Councilwoman Kinnear who introduced the bill has received $950 in campaign donations and Councilwoman Burke has received $500 from the abortion giant.

Upon further inspection of the Spokane City Council members and Planned Parenthood it has been revealed that five of the seven city council members have received large cash donations from the abortion giant’s PAC.

The City Council President Breean Beggs has received $500, Councilwoman Candace Mumm has received $1,400, and Councilwoman Karen Stratton has received $1,700. Council President and members Beggs, Mumm, Kinnear, and Straton have also received a total of $3,650 from NARAL Pro-Choice and from the heads of the Smith-Barbieri Progressive Fund (who are on the board for Planned Parenthood Votes PAC and donated $500,000 for the new Planned Parenthood building in Spokane).

The other two Council members Cathcart and Wilkerson are very new and have yet to receive donations from Planned Parenthood. Perhaps, if TCAPP and its’ leaders would have donated $7,845 to the city council members they would not be facing a bill that attempts to criminalize them for practicing their religious beliefs?

How are citizens of Spokane supposed to believe that the Spokane city council has their best interests and constitutional rights in mind when they are clearly in the pocket of a powerful organization in the likes of Planned Parenthood? What other rights would they consider violating if the price is right?

Planned Parenthood is a dark organization that uses it’s power and wealth to buy politicians in order to further exploit vulnerable women and children for money. This is what is called a “Quid Pro Quo,” The Spokane City Council has been bought and paid for by Planned Parenthood.



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9 Comments on Planned Parenthood Purchases Spokane City Council?

  1. Kinnear’s big nose is all you had to show us. The chosenites are up to their same old tricks in the service of Moloch.

    • Yep, that is close to what I was going to post…a follower of Baal…the cousin of Moloch. How many people in those days gone by “just kept quiet” as they passed the temples of those misanthropic demons.

  2. 100% False, on par with everything Anna writes.

    We are only asking that TCAPP keep quiet and not harass people attempting to access a healthcare facility.

  3. Praise Jesus for those brave individuals who are bringing light into a dark place. God has not abandoned the unborn or their mothers, and neither will we. Before slavery was abolished, abolitionists were treated with scorn and hate, and slave owners fervently argued that abolitionists were violating their rights to live their lives how they wished by dehumanizing innocent people and converting them into soulless property. Abortion is no different than slavery. Abortion abolition NOW!

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