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Manifesting the Unintended Consequences

Our nation is now manifesting the unintended consequences of it’s decision to abandon the guidance of God.

Unintended Consequences

Unintended Consequences

by Pete Ketcham

As it is with individual lives, so it is with a nation’s life. Decisions and actions have long term significant consequences. In the instance of individuals, their decisions will put them in a nice home with good income, or living on the street. And with nations, their decisions can bring peace and prosperity, or literally destroy them.

At the start of our nation and through the years our nation relied on the Christian principles of the bible as the underlying foundation for the laws that governed our nation and the social conduct of the citizens. But our nation, beginning in the 1960’s began discarding it’s former reliance on Christian principles, and is now  manifesting the unintended consequences of it’s decision to abandon the guidance of God. Some of these consequences are as follows:

 ■School Prayer
What we see in our nation today are the unintended consequences of past major SCOTUS decisions. Among these are the six decisions on school prayer, which began in 1948, and eliminated all christian prayer in public schools by 1995. One can argue that these decisions were a proper reflection of the establishment clause, but the message they sent to this nation went far beyond school prayer, it basically told the nation that the Christian religion no longer has a place in the public arena, in fact it unintentionally established secularism and atheism as the official religion with no restrictions of expression In the public square.
Abortion (Murder of the unborn)
Once again SCOTUS stepped into the human life issue, and legalized abortion by the 1973 Roe v. Wade decision. This decision was made without any reference to the bible’s statement of human life, ” Before I formed you in the womb I knew you” (Jeremiah 1:5 ). This decision set the nations’s level of concern for human life, and basically said that an unborn child had no place in our society, and could legally be put to death, just as the Nazis had legally declared in Germany concerning the Jews.

Pornography, Sexual Perversion
Continuing their godless misguided judgements, SCOTUS rendered a decision concerning the Ashcroft v. Free Speech Coalition, 2002 case that took off all restraint on pornographic pictures, articles, TV shows, music, movies, and the internet. This decision enabled pornography to legally flood the nation, even into the education system, and yet SCOTUS would not allow a single prayer to be said in a public school.

Pornography is now one of the major stimulus for rape, sex trafficking, grotesque sexual perversion, child sexual assault and other sexual crimes that are rampant in our nation today. All of which is based on a faulty SCOTUS Interpretation of the first amendment free speech clause of our constitution.

This is a growing crises in all the major and minor cities across the nation. Millions have been spent to combat this crisis with no significant effect, the homeless communities just continue to grow.  For the most part these homeless people have been educated in public schools and raised in homes that lack any moral Christian based guidelines. This homeless crises is the result of three generations (going on four) who have not been guided by any Godly principles, (especially in the school system), with the result that the majority of homeless people lack a basis of logical or moral conduct that enables them to function successful in society

California Crime
And lastly, a recent example of unintended consequences involves thefts of less $950 in California, I quote from a recent article in “Joe For America”;

    “Shoplifting and retail theft has skyrocketed in the last few years in California. The state passed Prop 47, which raised the amount a suspect could steal from $450 to $950 before a thief could be charged with a penalty. The penalties have gone down, and the thefts have gone up, in fact, they have doubled. It has become another crisis in the not-so-golden-state. The problem has also caused a huge rise in grab and dash thefts, where groups crash a business, grab what they want, and run”.

In addition to all this, California car break-ins have soared to unprecedented levels. This Prop 47 is just one of many laws the California Democratic party has passed which has put law abiding citizens in jeopardy.

Unfortunately there are many more negative unintended consequences coming up across the nation if the Democratic party remains in control. One such example (out of many) is the push to destroy power producing dams and coal fired power plants, with the mistaken belief that solar and wind generators can replace them. If the Democrats are able to push this insanity through, many of us (including them) will be “sitting in the dark”.

This nation was formed with an underlying foundation based on the belief in God and the precepts of the bible. The people of this nation put “In God We Trust” on their coins, chiseled bible scripture on their capital buildings, and carved them on their doors. There are many more public illustrations of our national Christian faith. This nation had unabashedly proclaimed it’s christian faith for many years, but now, over half of our citizens today have discarded that belief, and ridicule those who do believe in God.

 When this nation pushed God out, it left behind the logic, common sense, and Godly wisdom that had guided and protected it for many years. Consequently, many past court decisions and laws were bereft of any wisdom, and have now created the disastrous unintended consequences we are living with today.

And lastly, it is not only past laws we are reaping the consequences from, but today we can see the insane laws being passed in liberal Democrat controlled states that are going to create many more future unintended consequence.


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4 Comments on Manifesting the Unintended Consequences

  1. “What we see in our nation today are the unintended consequences of past major SCOTUS decisions.”

    SCOTUS does NOT make legislation, it gives OPINIONS on if some thing, some action, etc follows the US Constitution. Go read what the US Constitution (and your state’s Constitution) says about the duties of those who serve within the judicial branch.

  2. NONE of this is unintended. The Satanic Left must destroy this “Shining Light on a Hill” that is America to capture more souls. Otherwise, good article.

  3. I believe none of these things were done in ignorance of their consequences. This Godless chaos we are experiencing at the present time is exactly what was intended from the beginning.

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