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LPOSD Has Violated Two Idaho Laws

How many laws is the LPOSD allowed to violate before it’s held accountable?

enough violated LPOSD’s Callous Disregard For Citizens Finances

The LPOSD Has Violated Two Idaho Laws

The Lake Pend Oreille School District (LPOSD) violated Idaho law when it omitted required ballot language on its November levy ballot, which in turn violated the statute that outlines the duties of all Idaho school boards.

Here’s how:

Idaho law governs that school boards must follow all Idaho laws (TITLE 33).

In March of 2019, a bill was passed unanimously through both houses of our congress that amended current law (HB 103). The law became effective on July 1, 2019. It requires that all school districts running levies include in their ballot language the exact amount for which each property owner would be liable.

In November of 2019, the LPOSD ran a levy, making permanent the substantially increased levy it ran and passed in March. But, in violation of Idaho law, the November ballot did not include the language that MUST appear on all levy ballots. Further, the LPOSD admits the law violation.

Rather than rescind the levy and model for children what taking responsibility looks like, the district has opted to fight a legal challenge brought by a Bonner County property owner on the levy’s legality, with no less than four (and as many as SIX) taxpayer-funded lawyers.

How many laws is the LPOSD allowed to violate before it’s held accountable?

It’s time the LPOSD acted responsibly. We ask that it drop its legal battle with the property owner and void the election, as it unquestionably violated two Idaho laws.

Jodi Giddings
Idaho Tax Watch VP
Sagle, Idaho


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