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The Liberal Left Responds to Our Winning Week

A Spokane tabloid paper has come out with another Hit Piece. Is anyone surprised?

Liberal Lefto Our Winning Week

The Liberal Left Responds to Our Winning Week

Editorial by Shari Dovale

Here we go again. The left lost HUGE this week so we must have an overload of self-flagellation by the commie press. With that said, one of our local lefty print rags has also set aside some space to humiliate themselves, as well.

Let’s tally the winning list…

  • Monday – The Iowa Caucuses, a humiliating blow to the DNC, to the point of begging for a “Do-Over.”
  • Tuesday – The State Of The Union address, um, yeah. The conservative right are still laughing about Nancy’s Come-apart.
  • Wednesday – Impeachment Acquittal! Despite Romney’s public self-abasement, the left could not even get a majority, let alone a super majority.
  • Thursday – Let’s not forget the Trump Train running over the media (and a few others) at the National Prayer breakfast and his White House Briefing.
  • Friday – the Appeals court shut down the Democrats Emoluments lawsuit against our President.

Their week has been so bad that the Marxist Left are in overdrive trying to find something … anything … to spew about the conservatives. They are desperately trying to find a win. And still coming up short.

One of the local Spokane tabloid papers has come out with another Hit Piece on a North Idaho Legislator, Rep. Heather Scott.

The Liberal author of the piece attempted to tarnish Scott by tying her reputation to that of Rep. Matt Shea of Spokane. (I like how he states the obvious with a sense of discovery.)

Judging by the comments on a few threads that I perused, everyone has a better grasp on reality than he does.

I must admit, it is always nice when the these extremists take notice of us here at Redoubt News and try to give us free advertising by trashing us in their papers. However, since their readership has fallen so low, it doesn’t much affect us at all.

(They are kinda like the discredited SPLC. – Making their Hatewatch List is actually something to brag about these days, as it sets you above the Commie sympathizers.)

But I digress, back to our regurgitating blogger.

He would like to think of himself as an “investigative journalist” yet all he did was take someone else’s work and chew it up, spitting it back out into a blog posting. There is nothing new here. This is all old news.

The Rampart Report has been discredited as political opposition research, designed to further their Socialist agenda.

Even the Rampart group never came up with anything new. Every event they put in their conjecture essay was something that had been disputed and disproved years ago. The rehashing of it is just another attempt to hurl and retch at anyone that may still be swayed.

I could continue on about this poor boy that just keeps trying so hard, but to be perfectly honest, we have all been called worse things by better people.

But you gotta love him, as it is just so cute when he tries to talk about things that he just doesn’t understand.


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