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Expose’ Of Democrat Corruption

Democrats are not going to change their method of operation as long as they hold a majority in congress.

Expose’ Of Democrat Corruption

Expose’ Of Democrat Corruption 

by Pete Ketcham

During these recent three years of the Trump presidency it became evident that something politically different from the former administrations was taking place. The following are some of the unique differences.

■  The Democratic party and the Mainstream News Media (MSM) have launched multiple attacks and political coups against Trump, but can’t take him out or decrease his popularity, he almost appears to be invincible.

■  Despite all the political opposition, Trump has been successful in executing  major domestic and foreign programs which benefit the nation.

■ The most important thing Trump has accomplished (by his political style), was the expose’ of how corrupt, vindictive, and hateful the Democrats have become. We were all aware that the Democrats during the eight years of the Obama administration had become more corrupt, but most of us (who were not a Washington insider) did not realize the extent of the corruption, contempt, and arrogance that became embedded in the Democrat party during those eight years.

We are now seeing an intensified continuation of corruption by the Democrats In their current unconstitutional impeachment effort. This nefarious effort further exposes how far the Democrats will go to destroy their opposition and extend their agenda. This may  backfire on the Democrats as they continue to be exposed to the public as the most degenerate, dishonest political party in our nation’s history.

This backfire is beginning to manifest itself at Trump rallies where there is documented evidence that a significant number of Democrat voters are attending these rallies who will cross over and vote for Trump in the general presidential election. It is also becoming evident (through TV news coverage) that Democrats such as Adam Schiff are being exposed for the liars they are as they present their convoluted and fabricated impeachment charges.

Overall, the more public exposure the Democrats have, by TV news, talk shows, articles, and public testimony etc., the more it is obvious that the general public are seeing how degenerate they are.

This is not to imply that the Democrats are going to change their character or method of operation as long as they hold a majority in congress. Even though they may lose on their impeachment efforts, you can rest assured they are already working on a new program to get rid of Trump and thwart all his programs for the remainder of this term and the next if he is reelected. As long as they have the MNM supporting them, they will never stop in their efforts to destroy Trump and his administration.

Thus I see the only option the Republicans have to stop this Democrat insanity, is to take back the house majority, and retain their Senate majority, which may be possible if this cross over trend grows. This may seem like a faint hope, but who knows what can happen in this rapidly changing political circus.


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