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18% of Black Men Voted For Someone Other Than Hillary Clinton

Historical averages seem to show a change is happening.

18% of Black Men Voted For Someone Other Than Hillary Clinton
Alex Barron (photo credit: Duane Rasmussen)

18% of Black Men Voted For Someone
Other Than Hillary Clinton

By Alex Barron

Conservatives in general hate talking about race.  I understand that.  However many other people talk about race all the time, and thus I think it needs to be addressed.   I feel very comfortable talking about race; the good, the bad and the ugly.  I have said this previously in reporting about President Trump.  He wins enough black male voters to make a difference.

While white progressives lecture black men like me about our own cultural icons and our own history, President Trump is in my opinion making several right moves.  Here is an article by a progressive over at the Washington Post.

Here’s another reason I gasped: a focus of the “Blacks for Trump” announcement was black men. The attention is devilishly brilliant. First, when we say that African Americans are the foundation of the Democratic Party, the face that emerges is that of a black woman. Understandable since they are the most reliable voters in the United States and the party. What Trump is seeking to exploit is a data point I didn’t notice until I started reporting this piece.

According to the 2016 exit polls, Clinton won black women by 90 percentage points, but her advantage over Trump with black men was just 69 percentage points. Thirteen percent of African American men voted for Trump, and five percent voted for third-party candidates. That’s 18 percent of the black male vote that went to someone other than the Democrat.  – Jonathan Capehart

Even the liberals are bemoaning how effective President Trump has been.  Here is another piece covering the specific polls.

The new Emerson poll puts Trump at 35 percent with black voters and 38 percent with Hispanics. “If you add in Asian voters at 28 percent approval,” notes Emerson’s director of polling Spencer Kimball, “our number is very close to the new Marist poll,” which finds Trump’s approval at 33 percent among non-white voters.  A recent RasmussenReports poll has Trump support among black voters at 34 percent, and even the new CNN poll has Trump’s approval among non-white voters at 26 percent.

Why is losing black voters by a two-to-one margin something to shout about? Because if Donald Trump came anywhere close to those numbers on Election Day, he’d likely win a 50-state sweep. Minority voters — and black voters in particular — are an absolutely vital part of the Democratic base. And they don’t vote for Republicans, particularly for president.

Sure if he got those numbers President Trump and the Republicans win a 50 state sweep.  But in truth you take his approval rating, and cut it in half.  If President were to get even 15% of the black vote, he wins biggly.  Please remember John McCain earned 4% black support, Mitt Romney got just 6% support, and President Trump in 2016 8% support on average.  Historical averages seem to show a change is happening.

I am happy that many others are waking up to the failed polices of yesteryear.  I am very happy that Americans of all stripes are looking to the Republican Party for solutions.  If you want to make a difference in a local historic race, please consider supporting my campaign for the Idaho State Senate.


Alex Barron, also known as The Bard of the American Redoubt, runs the Charles Carroll Society website.

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