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Another Do Over Election For The Dems?

Bernie Sanders has won the Iowa Democrat Caucus

Another Do Over Election For The Dems?

Another Do Over Election For The Dems?

by Shari Dovale

When the Democrats don’t like the results of their elections, they want to simply Do Them Over Again.

We saw their tantrums after the 2016 election, when their candidate lost to Donald Trump. They never saw it coming, as they truly believed their candidate was unstoppable.

How did they take it? With a modicum of decency? Nope. With an ounce of decorum? Not a chance. With any good manners at all? Never again.

That is where this impeachment fiasco started. We saw the results of that, and as per their Standard Operating Procedure (SOP), they are already dropping hints that they will continue this charade against the President.

Then comes Iowa.

The 2020 primaries kicked off on Monday, with both Democratic and Republican caucuses held in Iowa. An event to pay attention to, the Iowa Caucus is important because it’s first.

Rantt Media explains:

The Iowa Caucus system itself can push a dark horse into the spotlight, as it propelled Jimmy Carter down the path to the presidency in 1976 and Obama in 2008.

Particularly in the Democratic caucuses, where a candidate must have the support of at least 15% of participants to be “viable,” candidates who make a bad showing during the Iowa Caucus process may well drop out.

Understanding the importance of the Iowa Caucus, we can begin to understand the absolute disappointment (or is it terror?) for the Democrat National Convention (DNC) when the man to beat turned out to be the man they abhor.

And, of course, they want another “Do Over”

DNC chairman calls for recanvass of Iowa caucuses

Democratic National Committee chairman Tom Perez on Thursday called for the Iowa Democratic Party (IDP) to conduct a recanvass after the state’s caucuses earlier this week were mired in confusion and have yet to produce a definitive result.

Actually, they do have the results, as you can see from this handy-dandy chart provided by Real Clear Politics:

Bernie Sanders has won the Iowa Democrat Caucus, yet the DNC would prefer ANYONE over Breadline Bernie.

Even former House Speaker Newt Gingrich (if you need another opinion) said that media is “totally misreporting Iowa” and that Bernie Sanders won the state’s caucuses.

DNC members discuss rules change to stop Sanders at convention

A small group of Democratic National Committee members has privately begun gauging support for a plan to potentially weaken Bernie Sanders’ presidential campaign and head off a brokered convention.

What happens if they don’t get to rework and rerun this catastrophe?

Grab the Popcorn, folks. It will certainly be entertaining.



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  1. The Hatfields vs McCoys will look like a minor tiff compared to the feudin’ and fightin’ if DNC tries to derail Bernie…Yes, folks, grab your popcorn..this is gonna be goooood !

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