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The National Political Crime Families

There is a plethora of data, articles, and books outlining the immoral and illegal actions these individuals have perpetrated throughout their political careers

The National Political Crime Families

The National Political Crime Families

by Pete Ketcham

When we hear the term “Crime Family”, it is usually in reference to the Bonanno, Colombo, Gambino, Genovese, and Lucchese crime families of the Italian Mafia, each of which operated within their own demarcated territory in the major eastern cities.

But now, we have a new type of crime family which operates within our nation’s political arena, with the entire world being it’s demarcated territory. Instead of just five major crime families we now have three more, they are called the Clinton Crime Family, the Biden Crime Family, and the Obama Crime Family.

The tactics used by these three crime families are very similar to the Mafia crime families tactics. The Mafia established a crime network of illegal businesses, using bribes to influence elected officials, mobsters to enforce their policies ( also eliminate their enemies), and corrupt attorneys to cover their crimes and defend them in court.

The origin of these three Crime Families is as follows:

  • Clinton: Bill Clinton became the Arkansas AG in 1977, Governor 1979, and US President in 1993. Hillary fully “co-ruled” in all these offices. Hillary NY senator 2001 to 2009, and Secretary of State 2009 to 2013.
  • Biden: Joe Biden became US Senator in 1972, and US Vice President in 2009.
  • Obama: Barack Obama became a Illinois state senator in 1997, a US senator in 2004, and the US President in 2009.

When each of these individuals reached the threshold of their first political office, they were faced with two political paths, one was one of ethics & honesty, and the other was of corruption & personal enrichment. It is now evident, all three of these individuals chose the latter path.

There is a plethora of data, articles, and books outlining the immoral and illegal actions these individuals have perpetrated throughout their political careers, but the Clinton Crime Family’s record of crime far outstrips the other two Crime Families.

One can google up “Clinton Scandals” and read articles all day long about their nefarious history, or read books such as “Clinton Cash” and “Secret Empires” by Peter Schweizer. Additionally, Peter Schweizer’s new book “Profiles In Corruption” has just been released.

One of the factors that contributes to the Clinton Crime family’s massive history of crimes is their long 36 year run in politics. We know of many documented Clinton crimes, but can only speculate how many we do not know about, which have been successful covered up during that time period.

It is somewhat amazing how the Clintons have been able to successfully evade prosecution over the years for their numerous notorious crimes. The answer to that phenomena is that they were able to establish a powerful corrupt network of influence and protection which penetrated into federal agencies, corporations, foreign governments, and the mainstream press.

As the Clintons moved up through the power structure of the Arkansas state government and the federal government they were able to expand that network to the point it was able to survive through the Bush Administration, and grow through the Obama administration.

At this point we are just beginning to learn about Joe Biden and his corrupt inept son’s shakedown of foreign governments while Joe Biden was the vice-president during the eight years of the Obama administration.

In the shakedown of Ukraine for millions, and the sellout of favors to Red China for 1.5 billion we have been led to believe that this money went exclusively for Hunter Biden’s benefit, but it would be completely naive to believe that Joe did not personally profit from Hunter’s effort. It should be noted that John Kerry’s stepson Christopher Heinz, was a partner of Hunter Biden in many of the “Chinese deals”

The Biden crime family is just now beginning to be exposed, but there is a good possibility that much more corruption during Joe Biden’s long 44 year political career may be exposed.

So far Obama has been able to keep his image intact as a politician who has not engaged in corruption, due mostly to favorable press by the Democrat Propaganda Agency known as the mainstream news media.

This all could change if the new book by Peter Schweizer “Secret Empires” becomes more widely read, and the ongoing independent investigations continue. The following is a link to an article in the Investor’s Business Daily  that sums up the Schweizer book’s comments on the corrupt activities of the Obama administration.

Investor’s Business Daily

It should be noted, that all the nefarious actions of his vice president (Biden) was known and approved by Obama.

As previously stated, more corruption could be exposed about the Obama Crime Family in the near future, but in the meantime, I guess they will hunker down in their mega-expensive, Martha’s Vineyard estate listed at $14,850,000. (but sold for less)

The forgoing comments just cover the “tip of the iceberg” concerning these three crime families. The tentacles of influence and corruption by these three crime families run much farther and deeper than most of us can imagine. All this corruption is just not limited to Democrats, as there are some Republicans who are guilty of the same, but to a lessor degree.

Perhaps one day it will all be totally exposed. In the meantime the networks of corruption and influence these crime families have established are keeping them safe from prosecution and prison.


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