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Marshall Announces Plan To Run Against JT Wilcox

Marshall states his plan is to lead by always following the constitution and the will of the people .

Marshall Announces Plan To Run Against JT Wilcox

Matt Marshall Announces Plan To Run
Against JT Wilcox for 2nd Legislative District

by Anna May Rainier

Many speakers were present last Friday, January 17th, for a lobby day concerning gun rights and the second amendment. Among those was Matt Shea (Washington House of Representatives for the 4th district), who recently has come under fire for his beliefs and actions.

If we flash back April of last year, you may recall Shea being removed from his Republican Caucus chair. JT Wilcox (R), Washington state Representative of the 2nd legislative district, and the minority leader of the House, had him removed prior to any investigation taking place, nor Shea getting any sort ability to defend himself. In December of last year, 2019, Shea was entirely removed from the House Republican Caucus, and still yet, refuses to resign.

JT Wilcox was instrumental in the removal of Shea from his chair. Without due process, without representation, without the ability to defend himself in front of his accusers. Matt Shea was denied his rights but not only that, the will of the people in the 4th district who had voted for Shea, was denied.

Matt Marshall announced at this lobby day, that he will run against JT Wilcox for 2nd legislative district House of Representatives. Marshall spoke of being told by many Republican representatives being fearful of party leadership. He spoke directly to the politicians inside of the state building while he spoke on the microphone outside, stating, “We are disgusted with your hate and corrupt party leadership who place themselves above our liberties. You have fostered and inspired the very corruption of government that brings us to these steps to tirelessly contest.”

Later in his speech from outside, he again spoke to the politicians saying, “Look at yourselves. Look at the deceptions you preach and the actual shame and dishonor you represent. We can all see you. We know who you are. You dishonor America’s greatness.”

Marshall states his plan is to lead by always following the constitution and the will of the people . Marshall has an extensive background in leadership starting as a non-commissioned and commissioned officer in the United States Army. After the military he founded a 501c4 corporation known as The Three Percent of Washington where he is currently president.

His political history is Precinct Committee Officer of 02-156, he was elected as Vice Chairman for Pierce County 2nd Legislative District Republicans last year and was elected to Eatonville School Board last November.


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