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#HollyWeird Flaunts Their Stupidity

The American people are not buying it anymore.

#HollyWeird Flaunts Their Stupidity

#HollyWeird Flaunts Their Stupidity

by Shari Dovale

Proving again that they know nothing about the US Constitution, the “Fawn-Over-Me” crowd in Hollyweird took to Twitter to whine and complain that everything is not going their way.

The Socialists that refuse to put their money where their mouth is continue to attempt to influence the public, as if the public really wants to hear from them.

FLASH! No one listens to these old hasbeens anyway. Yet, the new normal for Main Stream Media (MSM) is to write headlines on Twitter postings. That seems to be what is considered real news now. Well, here we go…

Bette Midler, who proves repeatedly that her intellectual level is barely above that of a gnat, reminded everyone of this with her rantings:

Strictly along party lines? Does that include the Democrats? Whoops! She forgot that she included them!

Rob Reiner, one of the leaders of the Hollyweird simpletons:

Reiner should pay more attention to history. On January 14, 1999, Schumer said during Clinton’s impeachment that witnesses were supposed to be called prior to the Senate trial and that it “doesn’t make sense” to call them during the Senate trial. Additionally, Schumer sought to proceed to a summary vote without a trial.

Then there is Joe Biden’s statement, February 12, 1999

Spare me from those who would tell the American people what standard they must apply when voting for President. Ours is an Impeachment standard and our oath to do justice under that standard.

Impeachment is about what standard to use in deciding whether or not to remove a President duly elected by the people.

These are two very different questions and we must not, we cannot, get them confused. You and I and the American people can apply any standard we want our President to meet when we go to the polls on election day.

Barbra Streisand, who claims that Pro-Life Women Who Oppose Abortion are “Living the Past” ought to look at her multiple plastic surgeries to discuss women that want to live in the past.

She seems too busy spouting Democrat talking points to even read what she is promoting. And she certainly does not read anything else, like how many times the GAO had to correct themselves.


The GAO Decision that Trump ‘Broke the Law’ Is Meaningless and Here’s Proof

Four Observations Concerning the GAO Decision

The Movie Industry has taken a huge hit recently, as their numbers prove. People do not want to be lectured by them. They are voting with their wallets.

The Socialists that make millions off violent movies want to tell you to give up your money to those who dont have any (Yet they will stay rich) and grab your guns (yet they will still profit off their movies about gun violence, as well as hire bodyguards that carry guns) and try to teach you about our Democracy (that is really a Republic).

It is time to shut down this Marxist theater. The American people are not buying it anymore.

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