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Is DPHHS Placing A Monetary Value On Children In The System?

Due process is being totally disregarded by CPS officials.

Is DPHHS Placing A Monetary Value On Children In The System?

Is DPHHS Placing A Monetary Value
On Children In The System?

By Tim Ravndal

With Christmas upon the people of Montana, there is a sad note for some parents and children.  Several months ago Redoubt News took a look at how Child Protective Services operates in Montana.  We talked to citizen advocates from several counties to get a full picture of how the program works.

Keith Newmeyer Standing For Kids

In the beginning we saw the need for the Department of Public Health and Human Services (DPHHS) to step in to save children from danger.  There is a long record of child abuse and the task to provide safety in communities across Montana has been stretched to extremes.  Every legislative session, there are bills brought forward to expand the authority of DPHHS.

We then went to the other side of the story where we found an appalling fact that is regularly buried by elected and appointed officials within the system.  We initially opened our coverage of this story with testimony from several citizens from Montana that experienced a less than honorable approach to protecting children.

A Veteran and grandfather looking to keep his grandchildren safe was put in jail.  John Walton, having fought for freedom and liberty, stood his ground and even though his health has deteriorated he is still in Great Falls Montana fighting for his Grand Children.

A couple in Helena Montana, Keith and Raye Newmeyer brought their story to us which lead the need to dig further.  Their story was very troubling in that their adopted child was removed from their home based on a false accusation originating in the public school system.

The Newmeyers’ quest for justice has been ongoing for several years.  This last legislative session in Montana brought Keith and Raye to the Capitol nearly every day to help expose the tragedy that many families across America are facing.

Citizens that have met this tragedy across Montana have been asking the current Montana Governor Steve Bullock and the  Montana Attorney General Tim Fox to hear their cry for help.  That call has been unanswered.

We researched deeper and found another troubling trend, that places monetary value on children in the system.  Each year DPHHS continues to grow with funding requests for family services outpacing nearly every other department.

DPHHS placing a monetary value on children institutionalized in the system flies in the face of freedom and liberty across America.  As we exposed a few examples here in Montana we have been bombarded with cry’s for help from across the country.

If child trafficking is not legal by cartel and criminals bring children across the boarder, citizens across the country are asking why it is legal for government agencies to practice the same illegal action.

Back to local government that is responsible for the safety of the citizens we ask these questions.  Funding for victims advocate is tied to the local county attorney’s office.  While that gives the funding properly allocated to help families in need of intervention, the case load shows the continued need for annual budgetary increases.

The first line of defense is the local sheriff.  In many cases they come into a situation where there is a perceived or potential danger to children.  They rightly intervene in the interest of public safety but not always recognizing the rights of the people.

We have had multiple cases here in Montana in which, based on child protective services reporting standards, children are being removed from homes without due process for the child or the family.

Even though the 66th Montana Legislature is over, Raye and Keith Newmeyer are still standing guard over children seeking justice.

Raye Newmeyer and Friends Standing For Kids

They reported this week that they are taking a stand each day in Helena at various locations carrying signs exposing the truth.

James White with Northwest Liberty News was recently appalled at how Child Protective Services came to a home with total disregard of the constitutional rights of the people demanding access into a home taking children away.  Due process is being totally disregarded by CPS officials.

The people of Montana are crying for help getting accountability with DPHHS and officials that are responsible to the people of Montana.  If you would like to join the Newmeyers in Helena, contact them at

There are many cases that we are looking into here that merit mentioning, but our space is limited.  We will continue to work to expose the truth on behalf of the citizens of Montana.



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