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Democrats are Becoming Irrelevant

There is absolutely no action Trump can take, that the Democrats will not advocate an opposite action.

Democrats are Becoming Irrelevant

Democrats are Becoming Irrelevant

By: Pete Ketcham

The following are three short descriptions of the term irrelevant:

  1. “Unrelated to the matter being considered.”
  2. “Having no legitimate bearing on the real question.”
  3. “Not important or relating to what is being discussed right now.”

These descriptions accurately describe any and all statements issued by the democratic law makers who have opposed Trump’s policy in every action he has taken, or may take in the future.

The forgoing may sound like a reckless and all encompassing statement, but in reality this has been the case from day one of the Trump administration.

There is absolutely no action Trump can take, that the Democrats will not advocate an opposite action. As far as the Democrats are concerned, if Trump decides to go North, he should have gone South, if he went south he should have gone North.

This latest episode of removing a terrorist Iran general by a drone strike illustrates the dilemma. If Trump had not taken out this terrorist and subsequent deaths of Americans had resulted, Trump would have been totally condemned by the Democrats for failure to remove a threat. By the fact that he did indeed remove this threat, he is totally condemned by the Democrats for doing so.

The Democrats never offer a reasoned alternative action based on logic or fact, but their solutions are based on the previous description of irrelevance as follows: “Unrelated to the matter being considered,” “Having no legitimate bearing on the real question.”

Based on this situation Trump and the Republicans should move ahead with their agenda with zero consideration of what the Democrats think, feel, or say. There is nothing, absolutely nothing Trump and the Republicans can do that will not be opposed by the Democrats. It has now become evident that the Democrats are so removed from the reality of an issue, and have chosen to not participate in any manner with the administration, that they have made themselves completely irrelevant.


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2 Comments on Democrats are Becoming Irrelevant

  1. Out of touch with reality, yes. To the point of lunacy, yes. But irrelevant, not at all.

    Any party that wields the power that the democrats do is far from irrelevant. They may be globalist tyrants who want total power over every aspect of our lives regardless of law, but that does not make them irrelevant.

    That makes them exceedingly dangerous. Just look at all of the dead already…the unborn millions killed, Waco, the assasination of Lavoy Finnicum, and how many others we don’t know about for sure.

    No, democrats aren’t irrelevant. Treacherous lying snakes living in mad mania land, sure. But definitely NOT irrelevant.

    • I basically agree with Mark VII’s comments on my editorial in the sense that the democrats are relevant in their dangerous impact on our nation.

      The point I was trying to make is that the Democrats logic, statements, legislative actions were irrelevant to facts and reality. I proboly should have made that distinction more clear in my editorial.

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