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An Open Letter To Va Governor Northam

Do you forget, sir, that you are dealing with Americans ?

An Open Letter To Va Governor Northam
Demonstrators hold signs and chant outside the Governors office at the Capitol in Richmond, Va. (AP)

An Open Letter To Va Governor Northam

Guest Editorial by Neil Wampler

Governor..The rash of anti – Second Amendment, Anti – militia and anti – American laws proposed in your state have become scandal nationwide. You ride roughshod over the heartfelt protest of your constituents, trample the heritage given us by Virginians far above your stature – Washington..Jefferson…Madison -and willfully defy your own State Constitution….

Good Americans across the country are watching. They view the situation there as a test case, and are inspired by the courage and fortitude shown by the Virginians opposing you…If trouble should break out, we in other states, even from so far away as California, could do nothing but come to their aid. An avalanche would hit the Old Dominion…

Minds have been made up Governor. It is you, not us, who have drawn the lines in this fight. Widespread and determined non-compliance will mock your laws, and if you are so unwise as to press the issue, you will bear the onus of levying war on your own people. You will feel the sting of disgrace and defeat. In your folly, you may instigate a conflict, but we will finish it..

Do you forget, sir, that you are dealing with Americans ?

We’ve made history before Governor, at Bundy Ranch…No threat or intimidation can daunt us. We will overawe the minions sent against us. We are quite willing to write a triumphant new chapter, this time in Virginia

Our creed will be the audacity of a Jackson. our motto..




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3 Comments on An Open Letter To Va Governor Northam

  1. Already loaded up and can be there in two days. I’m a ED Doc with trauma experience so I can stabilize any VANG or state cop that tries to confiscate our weapons.
    Of course, I would treat the VA (and any other) Patriots as it would be a privilege to do so.
    As and aide, I do have my battle rattle, plenty of PMAGs and some ammo.

    • Excellent Vetmike…your skills as a medic may prove lifesaving..Tensions are high, but things in Va have to gel a bit..

  2. This Communist dictator needs to be run out of office one way or another the 2nd amendment rights set forth by the constitution is not his to change. We cannot let this Communist succeed. I’m a Vietnam veteran and fought for these rights and will do it again.

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