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Who is Winning – Fiction vs Fact


Who is Winning – Fiction vs Fact


by Pete Ketcham

The hearings in our nation’s capital that the American people have been subjected to these last thirty plus days, is a graphic contest between fiction and fact.

The Democrats have been attempting to present hearsay, speculation, innuendos, and outright lies as documented facts. They have used unfair and perhaps unconstitutional maneuvers and tactics in their House committee hearings to prevent the Republicans from presenting facts that expose their fictional charges of impeachment against the President.

The leaders of the House committees, Schiff and Nadler with the full cooperation of house Speaker Pelosi have put together a strategy to discredit the President.

Trump in the eyes of the American public, with the ultimate objective of defeating him in the 2020 election. The Democrats realize that their House impeachment is DOA when it gets to the Senate, but are counting on the publicized hearings (with the cooperation of the Democrat controlled media) to paint an image of Trump as an unconstitutional corrupt president.

The question is: is it working? From the news reports and poll results it appears to not be working. In fact it may backfire on the Dems to the point they may lose some seats in Trump supporting districts. There is even the remote possibility that they could lose the house majority.

But what is unfortunately working, is that the Dems are creating such an intense hatred against Trump within their unhinged extreme base, that we can expect organized violence we have never seen before in the forthcoming 2020 presidential election. In fact it has been manifesting itself in the incidences of restaurant confrontations, ripping off MAGA hats, shutting down conservative voices on college campuses, street protests, profane statements from celebrities, ATIFA riots, and on it goes. I might add that this raw hatred is not just limited to the Democrat base, but is also prevalent in the ranks of the leadership.

Despite all this I believe Trump will win this first round of impeachment effort, but the effort to discredit him will continue throughout his second term by any and all means, legal or not, along with a continued buildup of raw hatred towards him by the left.

Nevertheless we have gained several benefits as follows:

1. We have now discovered how degenerate, hateful, illogical, and deceitful the Democrat Party has become. We knew they were somewhat corrupt, but not to the extent they have revealed through this impeachment effort. As per Sun Tzu’s “The Art of War”, “You Must Know Your Enemy if you are to win the war”, and now we do “know our enemy”.

2. In this battle for the soul of our nation, the God-fearing conservative have formed a united and growing base that is prepared to carry the fight to the enemy. There is no longer any middle ground for the Republicans to waffle around in, your either in, or out in the fight to defeat the godless liberal left. The Republicans seem to be moving from the defensive to the offensive, and when the AG Durham investigation breaks open, I believe the Democrats are going to be totally occupied in defending themselves.

3. Lastly, against all odds, it would seem that Divine providence has placed Trump in the position of President, and so far he seems to be winning out against the efforts of the left to get rid of him.


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2 Comments on Who is Winning – Fiction vs Fact

  1. Does anyone else know that George Washington had to withstand repeated investigations (one even alluding he had colluded with Britain in a trade deal) during both his terms by his political opponents. All of them were found to be of no basis, yet the anti Washington/Hamilton media of the time printed every false innuendo and of course the usual out right lies, they even attacked Martha Washington. Why, because there were many elites who decried his policies and the way in which he established the Federal government we have known for over 200 years.

    • I was just thinking about this the other day, one of the leading critics of Washington was Benjamin Franklin’s grandson, Benjamin Franklin Bache. And the things Bache printed in his newspaper were not nice at all.

      Conversely, the first Attorney General of the United States who also was one the three people to refused to sign the Constitution on September 17th, 1787, Edmund Randolph, was caught by President Washington in selling his favor and access to the French. That was something that could have been ignore by a “good ole boy” mentality…but Washington asked for and received Randolph’s resignation.

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