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WaPo Says Blackface Is Okay Now

"What’s done cannot be undone. He must go." ~Washington Post

wapo Blackface Hides The True Agenda: After Birth Abortion

WaPo Says Blackface Is Okay Now

by Shari Dovale

Earlier this year, the Washington Post took a stand against Virginia Gov. Ralph Northam, a Democrat. In a blistering OpEd, they say:

In the case of Mr. Northam, the circumstances are decisive; what’s done cannot be undone. He must go.

They were not so worried about the baby-killing part of this man’s history, but they were severely concerned about the blackface he wore in college.

It is so much more important, after all.

Now, the Daily Caller reports that the editors at WaPo have backtracked and changed their position on this Democrat. They now think he has done enough good to warrant forgiveness of his makeup transgressions.

The Post cites Northam’s “astonishingly effective” focus on “racial equity and reconciliation” as having moved the needle in the direction of redemption, even after Northam denied a prior admission to having been in the photo, then admitted to donning blackface as Michael Jackson during a dance contest.

The outlet did mention a few other factors that led to Northam’s durability, including the fact that a Republican could have become governor if the top three Democratic leaders succumbed to the scandals they were currently embroiled in:

So, to be clear, the Democrats and their propaganda media have not forgiven him for his racist makeup. They are obviously not concerned with the principles and ethics. They are only concerned with the politics. They can spew all day long how blackface is offensive, but they prove that it is not so offensive, and perfectly acceptable, if it keeps a Republican from attaining the State’s top spot.


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