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Virginia Baby-Killing Governor Now Wants Your Guns

More than 90 Second Amendment sanctuary declarations have been made

Virginia Baby-Killing Governor Now Wants Your Guns

Virginia Baby-Killing Governor Now Wants Your Guns

by Shari Dovale

Gov. Ralph Northam (D) says that counties can make all the declarations they want, but they better be prepared to grab the guns when he tells them to.

The Democrats took control of the statehouse in the Nov. 5 elections and Gov. Ralph Northam has said his party’s leaders will push for gun control measures.

A report from WDBJ7 shows that more than 90 Second Amendment sanctuary declarations have been made by counties and municipalities in Virginia

WDBJ7 reports that Rockingham County was one of the most recent sanctuary declarations. Breitbart News reported that over 3,000 residents attended the Rockingham Board of Supervisors meeting to demand Second Amendment sanctuary status.

Sheriff Scott Jenkins of Culpepper County has promised to “deputize thousands of our law-abiding citizens to protect their constitutional right to own firearms.”

The Virginia Mercury reports:

Though legislation for the 2020 General Assembly session is still being written, gun-rights supporters have directed a wave of outrage at an early draft of a bill filed by incoming Senate Majority Leader Dick Saslaw, D-Fairfax. Saslaw’s legislation would have made it a felony to possess an pistol, rifle or shotgun that falls under its “assault weapon” definition after the bill takes effect and didn’t appear to make any exceptions for gun owners who already have them.

The people have had just about enough from the extremist views of this Democrat. You will remember that it was this same Governor that supported infanticide, or “after birth abortion”.

The current Impeachment fiasco in Washington DC seems to have emboldened the Left-Wing Extremists to violate all of the citizen’s Constitutionally-guaranteed rights.


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2 Comments on Virginia Baby-Killing Governor Now Wants Your Guns

  1. Very well put Mark…Could Northam and his gang be so purblind and agenda driven as to ignore the warnings ?..Folks in Va might view the addition of a grandfather clause as a small victory, but with it will come GUN REGISTRATION..Why are the Dem/Domestic enemies so intent on finding out who has guns ?….Does Northam actually believe his doublespeak..”We are not going to pass any unconstitutional laws”?..If so, he’s far around the bend, and should seek psychiatric help..But the question remains…Who are we ?..The definitive moment may arrive in Virginia…How many of you out there are calculating distances and checking maps ?

  2. The battle of Lexington and Concord, April 19 1775 marked the beginning of our Revolutionary War. The British tyrants were intent upon SEIZING WEAPONS the colonists had stored, and they suffered a humiliating defeat.

    Our current day tyrants would be well advised to heed this lesson. Any attempt to seize weapons can legally be met with deadly force. Our Law Enforcement, National Guard, and Military should think very carefully before they initiate such a drastic step, because once started it will have it’s own momentum. Need I add you will be violating your oath?

    As for the communist democrats, you know not what you do. It’s on your heads.

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