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Trump Impeachment Began Months Before 2016 Election

The Democrats do not trust the people, and the people will respond to them during their next election, as well.

Trump Impeachment Began Months Before 2016 Election

Trump Impeachment Began Months Before 2016 Election

by Shari Dovale

The Democrat Party has been obsessed with ridding themselves of the threat of Trump since he hit the political scene.

No one took him seriously in the beginning. They thought it was a stunt by a rich guy. (Think Bloomberg)

But Donald Trump showed that he was serious about Making America Great Again. That is when the Liberal Swamp had to take notice. That is when they began making their plans.

It was not when he was elected.

It was not even when he became the Republican nominee.

It began long before, when they finally realized that Trump’s words were resonating with the American public.

On Mar 02, 2016, the New York Daily News saw what was happening, and posted this:

Impeach Trump. It’s not too early to start.

Politico took noticed and penned a fantasy OpEd the following month:

Could Trump Be Impeached Shortly After He Takes Office?

This was waaaay back before he even got the nomination. Yep, they have been worried for that long.

In Feb 2017, the “Impeach Trump Leadership PAC” was born.

And it continued. Nevermind the notion that a President has to actually commit a crime while in office for impeachment to be considered. The Commie Democrats wanted to impeach him before he even took office. Crimes were not important, their agenda was all that mattered.

The attempts continued, with the Looney Left grasping at straws to come up with anything that the public might accept:

Terminating James Comey
Saying “shithole”
NFL criticism
Tweeting mean things about the Squad
And so many more excuses.

Nobody comes to Congress to impeach a president of the United State,” said Pelosi. “No one.”

Well except for those like Rashida Tlaib who, within hours of being sworn in as the first Palestinian American woman in Congress, said “We’re gonna impeach the motherf—–”.

And how about the Socialist Darling that admitted that the impeachment farce was all about rigging the 2020 elections?

(Fast forward to 5:35 for the best quote)

Sleepy Jerry Nadler and Shifty Schiff can claim it all began on July 25th, but even Nancy Pelosi admitted they have been working towards impeachment for 22 months. Their statements go straight to their credibility though, don’t they?

Sleepy Jerry admitted that they cannot trust an election to get rid of President Trump. Maybe he realizes that the people have more issues with Congress than the President?

The people do not like being second guessed, or told that they just do not understand. The people want to make the decisions on whether to keep the President in office. That is their job, and they do this through elections.

The Democrats do not trust the people, and the people will respond to them during their next election as well.



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3 Comments on Trump Impeachment Began Months Before 2016 Election

  1. In fact it all started back in 2014, but not as impeachment back then. That is when Flynn was first spied on because BHO was afraid of him. What has really happened is a two fold event that started as spying on political opponents and morphed into promoting Hillary and undermining Trump as much as possible. Then after the election all of it was quickly changed to undermine and get rid of Trump by any means possible. That last dynamic was in play even prior to the election and that was the insurance policy that morphed into the 3 year coup and impeachment fiasco that has all failed miserably.

    What actually ended up was the DEMs impeached themselves in spades !

  2. They are using contempt of congress as one of the articles of impeachment well who in their right mind doesn’t have contempt of these communist bastards.

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