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Liberal News Media Justifies Their Racism, and Makes It Worse

What makes it okay for this liberal rag to excuse their reporter for racism?

Liberal News Media Justifies Their Racism, and Makes It Worse

Liberal News Media Justifies Their Racism
…and Makes It Worse

by Shari Dovale

It doesn’t take much to get a Liberal Journalist spun up over anything they can twist against a conservative.

If a conservative Christian talks about a bible study they were a part of, the liberal media are likely to spin it to mean that person wants the end of the world, or something equally nefarious.

But they do not police themselves equally.

In June, the Spokane Public Library hosted a Drag Queen Story Hour, in which conservatives were treated abominably for their protests against the event.

Pastor Afshin Yaghtin attempted to walk into the library to quietly pray for the children involved in the event. He did not go there to make a scene. He did not go there to get loud and offensive. He just wanted to be inside the building while he quietly prayed, as is what he does as a Christian Pastor.

The Spokane Police had other ideas, and arrested him. They did not just let him go after the event. They did not give him a warning. No, the Spokane City Attorney’s Office pressed full charges against this Christian and tried to throw the book at him.

However, the Pastor prevailed. The Spokane judge dismissed all charges against the Pastor, citing Yaghtin’s right to free speech and a lack of evidence from the police department.

That did not seem to be enough for a communist-leaning writer for a local news outlet. He had to publicly put his 2 cents worth of bigotry into the mix.

An article trying to convince readers that there is no Christian persecution has him labeling this Christian Pastor of Middle Eastern descent a “Brownie”.

Brownie’ is a notable slur against anyone of Middle-Eastern descent, as is explained here:

To add insult to injury, when the Pastor contacted the editor of this ‘news’, he was told that the term was used in reference to an obscure mention in 2005, used as a nickname for a specific person.

This was not the only ridiculous response that the editors handed out. Another reader questioned the racial slur and was sent this response:


Liberal News Media

The link that the editors at the Spokesman Review sent to this reader was to this:

Sex Jokes? Really?


They did not bother to reference the more current usages of the term, such as:

The Liberal paper seems to think that calling a middle eastern man a “Brownie” is okay, as long as they can make a joke of oral sex in the process. This is about as low as they can get in a liberal published newspaper.

I suppose there are people that would be so far removed from reality that they might actually believe this tripe, yet not too many, I am sure.

If a local conservative politician had used the term, you bet this same liberal newspaper would be all over it, with headlines on their front page. But it is just peachy-keen if their own reporters jump on the bandwagon to slur and defame those with whom they do not agree.

What makes it okay for this liberal rag to excuse their reporter for racism? I guess for the same reason their editors will do the same, and add poor sex jokes into the mix.

This seems to fall into the category of the “Liberal Left is not trusted for a reason.”


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3 Comments on Liberal News Media Justifies Their Racism, and Makes It Worse

  1. Ray Bowen I am calling BS on your comment. An obscure comment made 14 years ago that has nothing to do with the facts of this story. The most chilling compnent of this story is the Spokane City Prosecutor calling the Pastor’s supporters religious loonies. This Pastor represents, teaches and preaches historical orthodox Christianity. This shows a clear bias against the Christian faith and the prosecutor needs to be fired.

    • OMG your right kim hall!!11111!!!!!11!!!

      Why duz the spokeman hate jesus and god and trump?!?!!?!???!!111!?


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