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Rep. Russ Fulcher on Impeachment Shenanigans

USMCA is expected to pass by a huge margin.

Rep. Russ Fulcher on Impeachment Shenanigans

Rep. Russ Fulcher on Impeachment Shenanigans

by Shari Dovale

The Impeachment farce is taking up way too much time in Washington DC

Congressman Russ Fulcher, who represents the 1st District in Idaho, spoke with Redoubt News today about all the shenanigans that the Democrat Party is putting the country through in their futile attempts to undermine the electoral process.

Fulcher explained that there are somber discussions in the nation’s Capital concerning the extreme divisiveness that permeates the halls. It saddens most legislators, as they want to get back to the business of governing.

Where at one time it was not unheard of for the elected to cross party lines to socialize on the weekends, getting to know their counterparts, it is almost nonexistent now. “Washington DC is like a ghost town on the weekends,” Fulcher says.

Fulcher expects a vote as early as Wednesday on impeaching the duly elected President over the partisan accusations.

At the same time, Speaker Nancy Pelosi is expected to push through the USMCA trade agreement that the President has been working so hard to get passed. Pelosi has taken a hard hit from the country in that her Democrats cannot seem to get anything done due to the time they spend on impeachment.

President Trump has worked extremely hard on this for the American people. USMCA will bring more jobs and a stronger economy to the country. It is expected to pass by a huge margin.

Fulcher spoke with President Trump and he passed this message on directly to the people in Idaho, “I love Idaho. I love your prayers. And I love your potatoes!”



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