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Corrupt FBI comes to Inland Northwest

Remember that the federal nor local Washington State government has charged Representative Matt Shea with a single crime.

Corrupt FBI comes to Inland Northwest

By Alex Barron

Washington State Representative and Army veteran Matt Shea is a Republican from the Spokane Valley (Eastern Washington) area. Matt Shea is not a racist. Matt Shea is not a terrorist. Representative Matt Shea is a liberty-leaning conservative Christian that actually believes in the Republican platform. 

He is more conservative than many. He angers progressives in and out of the Republican Party because he takes a no-holds-bar approach to promoting a society based upon Christian moral norms and the Bill of Rights; thus, he has become popular in the “patriot” movement and the enemy of the far-left antifa.

The patriot movement, in general, are conservative Christians who lean libertarian.  We have a strong attachment to the Bill of Rights and especially the 2nd Amendment. We are often modern-day anti-federalist or extremely distrustful of the corrupt over-powerful federal government and unaccountable administrative Deep State.  Yet the same men would often fight tooth and nail for their local governor. The attitude of the Sage Brush rebellion is nothing new out here in the West.

Recently a Seattle-based retired FBI agent named Kathy Leodler, who founded a firm called The Rampart Group, delivered a “report” to the Washington State far-left Democrats. Yes, there are Democrats in Washington State that wear communist black shirt (antifa) political pins as they perform their official duties in the State capital. In this report, retired-FBI agent Kathy Leodler accused Representative Matt Shea of being a domestic terrorist. The story has been picked up by a lot of lying, liberal and legacy mainstream media.

Corrupt FBI comes to Inland Northwest
Antifa are violent communist black shirts

There are similarities between what violent communist black shirts (antifa) are trying to do to Republican Washington State Representative Matt Shea and what the congressional Democrats and their far-left aligned groups and the lying, legacy, liberal mainstream media tried to do to Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh and President Donald Trump. In all three cases, some questionable people make allegations, then a partisan investigation and then “cancel culture” or attempting to remove someone from public life you politically disagree with.

In Brett Kavanaugh’s case, it was Christine Blasey Ford; in Trump’s impeachment trial, it was initially started by Democratic-aligned opposition firm Fusion GPS, paid for by Hillary Clinton and the Democratic National Committee (DNC), who hired a retired British spy Christopher Steele. In Matt Shea’s example, it was a Republican turned progressive turncoat Jay Pounder, retired FBI agent Kathy Leodler and far-left Democrats in Washington State.

In all three cases, the far-left is attempting to politically lynch (as in using immoral tactics outside of the court of law to destroy) a Republican who they politically disagree with. Expect to see this happen to more conservatives in the future.

The far-left is trying to use extra-judicial ways to influence elections. The progressive Republicans and their far-left allies cannot beat Matt Shea at the election box, so they are trying to remove him from office through “other means.”

Washington State Representative Matt Shea, Supreme Court Brett Kavanaugh, and President Donald Trump did not do anything criminal wrong that was proven in a court of law.  All three had their reputations savaged in the corrupt lying, liberal legacy press and their aligned far-left groups.

The far-left Democrats, including the violent communist black shirts (antifa) who are mortal enemies of the patriot movement, calls this approach to destroy the reputation of their political opponents capture, blast, report, and demand accountability. Sometimes younger conservatives call this “cancel culture.” It shows how corrupt the mainstream media is that they willingly cooperate with this type of manipulation.

What the far-left does is “capture” information about their political opponents. They look through everything you have ever said or published to get the most controversial comments you have ever made.  They attempt to define you by your 20 worst days on earth.  They then selectively leak this information in the most damming way possible.  In this case, comments Matt Shea allegedly made in private that Jay Pounder secretly recorded without anyone’s permission.

The blast portion of this far-left “cancel culture” uses social media, letters to the editor, and other means to “make their political research” a story.   They use their social media accounts to “hype up” the story.  They try to attract the attention of liberal-leaning reporters to cover the story they created.

The report portion is when these authoritarian progressives get lying, legacy, and liberal mainstream reporters to cover this “huge story,” which is entirely their making. In Matt Shea’s case, progressives in and outside of the Republican Party used violent communist black shirt aligned (antifa) immigrant reporter Jason Wilson and his British-based rag, the Guardian, to write a series of articles attacking Washington State Representative and Army veteran Matt Shea attempting to influence an American election.

Corrupt FBI comes to Inland Northwest
Jason Wilson of the UK Guardian

Jason Wilson is an immigrant and a foreign national from Australia who writes for a British tabloid. Jason Wilson is a violent communist black shirt (antifa) linked reporter. You can learn more about his deep communist black shirt connections in the article titled It’s Not Your Imagination: The Journalists Writing About Antifa Are Often Their Cheerleaders by journalist Eoin Lenihan published on 29MAY2019. Jason Wilson, nor the British Guardian are neutral reporters. They are deeply aligned with the far-left democrats and are pushing to influence our American elections.

In this well-researched piece, Eoin says, “Wilson seems welcome to mingle freely among Antifa, and has even been photographed standing close to Marquez. In one piece, titled “How the world has fought back against the violent far-right and started winning,” Wilson effectively drops the pretense that he is a neutral reporter, and approvingly outlines the Antifa tactics set out in Bray’s book. He also defends such tactics as doxing, stalking, deplatforming and shaming as valuable means to attack individuals whose views he dislikes.”

The Demand Accountability portion of this political smear campaign is when the far-left intimidates others around you to attack or betray you. The far-left Democrats and Republican progressives demanded politicians in Washington State to “take action.”

Interestingly, the Democrat or Republican Washington State politicians didn’t call upon Washington State law enforcement to investigate Matt Shea; he may have been afforded due process under the Constitution. No, what they did was hire a retired FBI agent named Kathy Leodler to “investigate” Representative Matt Shea.

A retired FBI agent is no different from a retired bus driver. Both are private citizens, and both have their individual opinions.  The Democratic leaders of the House in Washington State obviously selected a person who would give them the results they paid for. They knew or suspected they had no criminal case against Matt Shea, but want to end his political career anyway.

Retired FBI agent Kathy Leodler accused an elected Republican Representative of participating “in an act of domestic terrorism against the United States.” To me, this is defamation. I believe Kathy Leodler went a step too far and exposed herself to a lawsuit. The reason is that instead of just providing her personal opinion and information she had allegedly gathered, she made an unsupported, highly inflammatory criminal allegation.

You see, these retired FBI agents have no authority to charge anyone with anything. They are just private citizens like you and me.  The Kathy Leodler report is not an investigation; it is just a political hack job by a private citizen sharing their private opinions. However, because they were hired by far-left Democrats who run Washington State, it has the aura of something official.  Let me be clear.  It is not.  And none of the lying, liberal legacy media types made this differentiation.  Thus potentially exposing themselves to a defamation suite, not unlike the Covington Catholic boys.

This is a photo from one of the Idaho events ex-FBI agent Kathy Leodler called a “armed stand off” which actually included a lot of prayer.

The progressives then “demand accountability” from Matt Shea’s supporters and financial backers. Now that they have their actions covered in the lying, liberal legacy media they can try to get weak so-called Republicans to do something. Already the Republicans of Washington State, such as Republican Minority Leader J.T. Wilcox, of Yelm are “cutting and running.” J.T. Wilcox shows he is not committed to due process or our legal theory of “innocent until proven guilty.” He has just taken what far-left progressives have said and acted upon it, significantly damaging the reputation of Representative Matt Shea.

Say what you want about Senate Republican Leader “Cocaine Mitch” McConnell at least he is determined not to fall for these far-left tactics. Every Republican in the nation, every donor to republican causes should look at how solid Senator Mitch McConnell has been defending the “rule of law” and how cowardly Washington State Representative J.T. Wilcox and other Washington State Republics are being. The approaches cannot be more divergent. Cocaine Mitch may speak really slowly, but he has been a brass knuckle fighter for Republicans in the Senate, the rule of law and demanding everyone is treated as innocent until proven guilty.

Please remember the federal nor local Washington State government has charged Representative Matt Shea with a single crime. The federal government never charged anyone (to the best of my knowledge) with domestic terrorism in any of the events Kathy Leodler mentions. And a little on these past incidents.

This inaccurate political hit job by Kathy Leodler does not mention that concerning the Occupation of the Malheur National Wildlife Refuge on October 27, 2016, Ammon Bundy and six other defendants were found not guilty of conspiracy to impede federal officers and possession of firearms in a federal facility by a jury. One defendant was found not guilty of theft of a government-owned truck, and the jury was hung on charges of theft of surveillance cameras by another defendant. She does not mention that in actuality FBI agent, W. Joseph Astarita, was tried for murdering LaVoy Finicum and covering it up. He was also found not guilty.

This false and defamatory report by Kathy Leodler does not mention that in the Bundy Standoff, a verdict of not guilty was returned on two defendants August 22, 2017, by the jury after three days of deliberation. Two others were found not guilty of several of the charges and unable to decide on other charges. Ricky Lovelien and Steven Stewart were acquitted of all ten charges and ordered released. There were not-guilty findings on most charges against Scott Drexler and Eric Parker.

Retired FBI-agent Kathy Leodler does not mention the Obama appointed Judge Gloria M. Navarro dismissed with prejudice the criminal charges against Cliven Bundy, his sons Ammon and Ryan, and co-defendant Ryan Payne regarding the standoff.   On February 7, 2018, the federal government moved to dismiss with prejudice the indictments against the remaining defendants “in the interests of justice” because of the illegal, corrupt and unconstitutional actions by federal agents.  We have asked President Trump to pardon those who remain in prison on this political witch hunt.

As we look through the report from Kathy Leodler, we are finding more false information. Part of this is covered in: John Jacob Schmidt Confronts Attacks Against AmRRON

For example, under Finding #8, Kathy claims that “Representative Shea and JJS name the [AmRRON ham radio] drills…” This is totally false. Matt Shea does not name anything concerning AmRRON; JJS and AmRRON run their own annual T-REX ham exercises. Kathy Leodler also says, “The drills are run in parallel to drills being executed by federal authorities…” Once again, wholly false, and why would it matter anyway?  Private citizens can train with their ham radios to their heart’s content.

Kathy Leodler, please tell us which federal drill was run between 09SEP – 11SEP2016?  If she cannot, this is another lie in this report.  Once you start to see inaccuracies in the report, a logical person begins to ask, what else is false?  But not Washington State Representative J.T. Wilcox. He immediately calls for Matt Shea to be kicked out of the Republican caucus and stripped of his committee assignments.

In reading this “report,” the reason Matt Shea has never been criminally charged with any crime is most likely because all of the actions alleged by Kathy Leodler can be summed up under Freedom of Speech, and the Right to Keep and Bear Arms. In America, if you want to stand on someone’s private property and say, pretty much anything you want, this is a protected activity. And if you want to be armed and do that, you have every right under our laws to do that. This is called freedom.  And it is called The West.

Say what you want about “Cocaine Mitch”,  Senator McConnell and the other conservative Republican Senators in Congress did not “cut and run” when the far-left democrats tried the same type of smear tactics against Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh. The House Republicans led by Representative Kevin McCarthy or Steve Scalise did not turn on President Trump when the far-left and the same corrupt FBI Deep State apparatchik attempted the same thing during these impeachment shenanigans.

I, for one, encourage all Republicans to not fall for the far-left tactics at the federal level, or at the State level, stand with Washington State Representative Matt Shea. I asked Representative Matt Shea what we can do to show our support for him. He asked us to do two things.

First, share this article so more American First conservatives can know the truth. Very powerful people, including the lying, liberal legacy mainstream media have attempted to destroy this fellow veteran.  Like what the lying, liberal, legacy media tried to do to the Covington Catholic boys.  Forward this article to conservative media outlets, forward it to the Republican National Conference (RNC), and forward it to any groups who will consider giving Matt Shea fair coverage.

Second, Matt Shea, in all humility, asked, if you want to demonstrate your absolute rejection of these far-left smear tactics, he encourages you to donate to my campaign for Idaho State Senate. He rightly expects the same type of far-left communist-inspired smear tactics in my historic race in Northern Idaho, and any other conservative Republican they feel may change things for the better.

In truth, this far-left attack will happen to any Republican who stands up for orthodox Christianity, western Civilization and individual Liberty.  Matt Shea’s suggestion humbled me. But this is the type of guy Matt Shea is.  Stand tall, or let good men twist in the wind alone and die unmourned.  But with your help, we will endure and achieve.  Viva Cristo Rey.

Update 23DEC2019 1220:  W. Joseph Astarita, a member of the FBI’s Hostage Rescue Team based in Quantico, was charged with making false statements and obstruction of justice related to the murder of Robert LaVoy Finicum.  No one has been charged with his murder yet.


Alex Barron, also known as The Bard of the American Redoubt, runs the Charles Carroll Society website.

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  1. Seriously, fight fire with fire. This Coward, JT Wilcox needs to have a spotlight put on him. It’s time to stop this bullying, viciousness attacking immediately. There are enough computer wizards out here and researchers to do some deep digging into JT and his story. Please, someone take this project on, then present his secrets etc. In form of an editorial, and make sure all legislators have a copy.

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