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Liberty Is Worth Every Sacrifice

All through history when people have stood up for Liberty, it has prevailed.

Liberty Is Worth Every Sacrifice

Liberty Is Worth Every Sacrifice

by Chris Brumbles

When I think of what Liberty means to me, I think of what life would be without it. Liberty is above me, my family, and rests just below my God. Without Liberty, death is desirable. I was never built for chains, and I give my solemn oath that the chains now being forged, will break, or rust, long before I acquiesce.

As much as I love Liberty; I love my posterity more. I will not leave this earth, with a voice that was not heard. I will not shirk my duty to pass Liberty to my children and theirs. I will not be remembered as a coward for not acting. I will not care what names I am called by those who bow to the religion of Marxism and subscribe to the paper of insanity; I will consider the source. Liberty is worth every sacrifice that can be conceived…and more.

Today I read Patrick Henry’s “Give Me Liberty or Give Me Death” speech in its entirety. It’s a long speech, but worth the effort and reminiscent to the despotism we face today.  See, history always repeats itself, and currently the propaganda and programs of Hitler, and the tyranny of George the third, is showing itself here in the land of the free. Plutocrats control the media with their agenda of dejection and destruction. Our elected employees violate their Oaths, minutes after they lower their right hand.

There is good news though. History does repeat itself and all through history when people have stood up for Liberty… Liberty has prevailed. So I will cling to my guns and my Bible, I will have a big mouth and not be afraid to use it, I will continue to obstruct treason wherever I see it, I will fight for my Rights and the Rights of those who know not what they are trying to give away; I give my solemn oath to pass Liberty to my sixth grandchild that will soon be born.

Liberty is the Inherent possession of men, and not the gift of government. Let any man that comes to my house to take MY RIGHTS know, that he or she will have to Take My Rights. My Rights will not be delivered up passively, or at all. Know that I do prefer death without Liberty, and I would rather face the sorrow that comes from fighting a civil war, than the anguish and endless bitterness acquired from being enslaved and knowing that Liberty is dead forever. I am not alone.

In Liberty,
Chris Brumbles
Columbia County Coordinator
Oregon Firearms Federation
Founder, Oregon Irregulars 3%


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3 Comments on Liberty Is Worth Every Sacrifice

  1. I as a young man realized the value that America was to me and countless millions of others.But it is truly not America that is the value but rather what she stands for.Of course I mean freedom it is all with very few exceptions.I will end with my creed.God Family and Country.Bless all the fellow patriots.

  2. maybe you can publish this. wouldn’t it be great if Trump could claim ending the federal reserve scam.

    How does our system accommodate Growth?As with any organism, as it grows, so must it’s blood supply. And so it is with a nation and it’s economy. If a village has 10 homes and $1000 in circulation, each home will average $100 in value. If the number of homes doubles and no money is added to the money supply, each home’s average value will be half as much. So what is our country’s method of increasing the money supply? It turns out, there isn’t a stand alone mechanism where money is added to account for the productive assets of the working class. Funny that.
    Instead, a mythology of national debt was created. The heirs of J.P. Morgan et. al, bought and paid a 1913 congress to hand over the duties of the treasury to their private control. Then, as the labor of millions built incredible wealth, the financials heirs had their congress spend more than they took in in tax revenue and had it defined as borrowing from the Federal Reserve. This is the injection mechanism for increasing the money supply. Even better, they declared that instead of controlling financial liquidity by limiting the availability of money, they would use an interest rate on Fed supplied money as a control mechanism. This way, they set up a permanent stipend by which the government would give money to the ‘Federal Reserve’ in perpetuity. We call it payments on the national debt. In effect, the elites skim off trillions in wealth from the productive pursuits of their millions of slaves.
    I recently read that the combined debt of the world’s nations was $250 trillion, as though anyone understood the concept. Debt to who? Who has a quarter of a quadrillion dollars in their hip pocket to loan? The entire concept is abject lunacy, and yet, all the kings men don’t notice a single incongruity. Odd that!.
    I write in hopes that someone somewhere will question the mechanism by which our nation adds money to accommodate growth. Maybe if even a few begin to question, we can eventually end this permanent endowment to the ruling class.

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