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How Long Will Republicans Stay On Defense?

It is absolutely imperative that the Republicans move to the offensive NOW.

How Long Will Republicans Stay On Defense?

How Long Will Republicans Stay On Defense?

By Pete Ketcham

I recently read an article with a picture of the pathetic Trump 9th Circuit Court nominee Lawrence VanDyke crying during a hearing on his qualifications. The liberal American Bar Association (ABA) had beat VanDyke up pretty bad, and the Democrats finished the job as they “threw him out the door”. This article crystallized in my mind how aggressive and merciless the Democrats are when they embark on the destruction of a Republican judicial nominee, or for that matter any other Trump appointee . It also made me realize that the leaders and members of the Republican party must move to the offensive against the Democrats if we are going to win the fight to preserve our constitutional form of government.

The Republican conservatives no longer have the option of “Taking the High Road” in their battle with the Democrats. They are in a “down & dirty fight”, with “no holds bared” and need to use the same tactics against the Democrats as they use against them.

What the Republicans are currently doing today, would be akin to the North (during the civil war) pleading for the South to come to the “negotiating table” after the South had already declared they were going to tear the nation apart, carry on the evil practice of slavery, and had fired on fort Sumter(and had captured it). At that point the South was totally convinced they were going to have their way, and were not going to negotiate any compromise. Thus the North was left with no option but to “Fight Fire with Fire”.

Today the republicans are at the same juncture as the North was at the beginning of the Civil War. The Democrats have declared they are going to destroy the orderly process of transferring power by elections, have demonstrated they will destroy anyone who opposes them, and  lastly, by their lack of knowledge, logic, and their insane hatred, will tear this nation apart.

At the present the Democrats are confident they hold all the cards, and are going to either impeach the President, or make it a living hell for him and his supporters for the next five years. I see their confidence similar to that of the South at the beginning of the civil war, but as we all know the South ended up losing everything, as could possibly happen to the Democrats if the Republicans move to an offensive posture.

In response to this immovable stand of the Democrats, the Republicans are also left with no option but to “Fight Fire with Fire” with impeachment hearings against Polosi, Shift, and Nadler for abuse of power, unconstitutional proceedings, and any other thing they can think up. Also the findings from the IG (Michael Horowitz), AG (Bill Barr), and the Durham investigations could be used by the Republicans to hammer the Democrats for the next five years. I anticipate that these findings are going to be criminal and far reaching (clear to Obama).

If the lying Democrat law-breakers such as Comey,  Strzok, Page, Brennan, McCabe, Clapper, Hilary, Biden, and numerous others end up behind bars for their illegal activities, this could blunt and even roll back the Democrats offensive.


The Republicans must continue working from a base of truth, reality, and common sense, but also must move to the offensive using innovative tactics if they are to prevail over the illogical and illegal fantasy that drives the Democrats.

We are now beginning to see the self-destruction of the Democrat’s failing policies in states such as California, and  New York where people are leaving due to high taxes, high crime rates, homelessness, gangs, sex crimes, illegal immigration, and the list goes on. See the article by Victor Davis Hanson concerning California. Is California Becoming Premodern?

Although this “self-destruction” by the Democrats may take several years, it could eventually take the entire country down with it, which is why it is absolutely imperative that the Republicans move to the offensive NOW.


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6 Comments on How Long Will Republicans Stay On Defense?

  1. VetMike has the ratios right –

    During the Revolutionary War, 1/3 were Patriots, 1/3 were Tories, and 1/3 were neutral. Not much different from today, is it?

    The big thing we had going for us in 1775 was that the King was very actively going after our way of life. Suspending elections (sound familiar), corrupting our laws (familiar again), seizing guns and ammunition (right, familiar again).

    I think we are on the edge of a ‘New Restoration’, as provided for in our Constitution. One way or the other, enough people will realize that it’s now or never, and the sacrifice, whatever it may be, is worth it.

    Precisely when that will be I don’t know, but it will be soon…certainly before 2025.

    • It will be when the mom’s realize their American Dream safety net requires action, and tells their men “get em’.”

  2. Firstly, I’ve hold the belief that we should not continue to take the high road as it only skylines you for your enemy. Therefore, I’m completely in agreement with Mr Ketcham. I’m sure, though, that everyone realizes that the outpouring of righteous anger will be epic.
    Secondly, how do we accomplish this. ‘Fight lies with truth’ is easy if we have a level playing field which we don’t. I read an article that concerned Congressman Zelden’s cross examination of Ambassador Taylor. The Taylor lied when he said the transcript of Trump’s phone proved a quid pro quo. It turns out he had the (false) information fifth hand. The LSM won’t cover this which means way over half the people in the US will never hear about it.
    Thirdly, so what can we do? WE cannot use the same tactics; spreading false information or inventing offenses. WE can’t promise medicare for all or open borders or any of the other things the Left promises. WE would not let China continue to take advantage of us just to satisfy Jeff Bezos. WE would not demand that Twitter and all the other social media ban our opponents. In point of fact, all the tactics used daily by the Left are an anathema to us. So we need plans and ideas, ideas for proactive strikes; for countering the lies of the Left and placing the truth in front of the people and letting them decide. But, remember that roughly a third of the populations is actively against us; another third supports us and the remainder is neutral.
    Lastly, please rethink the analogy of the South being the bad guy analogy here. Civil War I was far more complicated than many think and in very many ways both sides were right and wrong. Many of us ‘God fearin’, Bible thumpin’ gun totin’ despicables’ are Patriots to our very bones and take the Oath seriously. Maybe some folks don’t like us and look down on us ’cause we dip chew, drink beer instead of wine and like to have fartin’ contests but we’ll be on the front lines with the rest of you.

  3. Comey as much as admitted that Hillary had committed crimes but claimed that they could not be pursued because the election was ongoing. Now that the election is over, why aren’t her crimes being prosecuted?

    In answer to your question, “never”. The majority of the Republicans are swamp creatures and they would never upset their fellow swamp creatures

  4. Republicans aren’t on the defense any more. I guess you missed it. The President has wheeled. Durham has a grand jury going. Trump is hitting with both hands all day long and the IG report will be released soon. Impeachment trial will begin in January. And then Dems will be dismembered for six long weeks

  5. The Republicans are just as bad as the Democrats. When was the last time you seen any of them file a criminal referral? I mean they had Hillary dead to rights on perjury. Ginsburg has not upheld the duties of her office which is impeachable…. but no Republican is saying a word. The Republicans are a big of joke as the Democrats are

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