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Cartels On Our Border, In Our Nation

The Mexican Government bears the ultimate responsibility for the devastation the Cartels are causing in our nation

Cartels On Our Border, In Our Nation
A U.S. Border Patrol boat works the Rio Grande near Laredo. ( JERRY LARA/San Antonio Express-News)

Cartels On Our Border, In Our Nation

by Pete Ketcham 

The recent ambush and slaughter of nine American women and children in Mexico brought home to many American people how brutal and dangerous the Mexican drug Cartels are.

These Cartels are not new, and some date back to the 80’s when they were organized. Even though they have split into opposing factions and have fought each other for territory, they have grown in power to the extent they are able to control the government of Mexico through threats, bribery, and outright combat. Not only have they overwhelmed Mexico, but have established billion dollar drug distribution networks throughout the US.

The Cartels are very similar to ISIS in the middle East, as both these terrorist groups control wealth, assets, and people on both sides of national borders. Both of these groups use deceit, bribes, and unmerciful force to achieve their agenda.

One must wonder why we travel 6000 miles (with full US military assets) to the middle East to defeat ISS, yet we tolerate the Cartels on our own border that are basically doing the same thing to us as ISS is doing in the middle East. Granted, we arrest a few Cartel leaders as the years go by, but that does nothing to slow down the illegal terrorist actions of the Cartels as they replace these apprehended leaders the next day and carry on their terrorist activities as usual. These arrest are highly publicized, giving the American people the allusion that we are effectively fighting the Cartels, and making progress in the destruction of these Cartels, but in reality (setting on our side of the border) we are no deterrent whatsoever to the Cartel’s agenda.

Even though the rapacious appetite of the American people for drugs, and the sanctuary cities/open border policy of the Democrats creates the incentive for these Cartel operations, it remains that Mexico is the birthplace and secure base of operations for these drug terrorists that are greatly harming Mexico’s neighboring country, the US. It is an absolute fact that Mexico through bribery, intimidation, and ineffective combat actions has been unable to slow down (let alone stop) these Cartel’s harmful actions against their neighbor to the North.

It thus remains, that the Mexican Government, due to their inability to take out the Cartels, bears the ultimate responsibility for the devastation the Cartels are causing in our nation, and consequently we have no alternative but to cross the Mexican border with military force and take out these Cartels ourselves, if we are ever going to get relief from this curse.

The recent rejection of help from Trump (to wipe out the Cartels) by the liberal socialist President of Mexico precludes any significant cooperation between our two countries in the near future of permanently eliminating the Cartels. Couple this with the Democrat’s policy of sanctuary cities and open borders, makes the elimination of the cartels an impossibility at this time.

Below is a link to a 2015 DEA Intelligence Report that summarizes the structure and location of the Cartels.  



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1 Comment on Cartels On Our Border, In Our Nation

  1. By any yardstick, Mexico is a failed state. It should simply be cordoned off, the wall completed, Border Patrol given massive presence, ALL commerce and cross border movement halted, a hermetically sealed boundary…The uproar and disruption this would cause might force the Mexican Govt to action, namely, get rid of the gangs or lose a primary trading partner..If the Federales were none to gentle in a Final Solution against these Vicious criminals, well, few tears would be shed.. As to thoughts of us invading and “Cleaning them out”, I’ll remind that we’ve already tried – Pershing’s failed expedition against Pancho Villa in 1916…No, lets just strengthen our side of the street…

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