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Will Texas Court Force Little Boy To Become A Girl?

A court battle between the parents is taking place this week in Dallas, Texas

Will Texas Court Force Little Boy To Become A Girl?

Will Texas Court Force Little Boy To Become A Girl?

by Shari Dovale

Seven-year-old James is caught between his feuding parents. His mother, a pediatrician named Anne Georgulas, wants her son to be her daughter. She has gone so far as to enroll him in school as “Luna” and only provides him with dresses and girls clothing. School officials know that he is a biological boy, but his classmates do not.

James has a twin brother that is not being forced to wear dresses or masquerade as a girl. James lives as a girl when with his mother, but when with his father and given the choice, the little boy lives as a boy. James’ father, Jeffrey Younger, says that James is ‘all boy’ and is only trying to please his mother.

A court battle between the parents is taking place this week in Dallas, Texas, where the mother is asking the court to to limit the boys’ overnight stays with their father, force the Christian man to refer to James as Luna, require Jeffrey to take a class on transgenderism, and compel him to complete two years of counseling.

Dr. Georgulas is also asking that Jeff pay for all therapy associated with the chemical castration of his son. Jeff is a programmer and financial manager. However, he can not get work because of this litigation as he can’t pass a security check now.

Lifesite News has followed this story for some time:

James’ mother began telling him he was a girl when he was just three years old. James had a “coming out” party as part of his fifth birthday party. His mother enrolled him in school as a girl, “Luna.” He dresses as a girl at school and uses the girls’ restroom. When James is with his father, however, he dresses as a boy, goes by the name James, and acts like a typical seven-year-old boy. Younger is forbidden by the court from speaking to James about gender.

Georgulas attempted to enroll James at the GENECIS Clinic to begin “gender transition therapy,” a program that would have included puberty blockers in coming years. The clinic did not accept him, however, due to his father’s refusal to participate in what he called “child abuse.”

More from the court proceedings:

Pro-LGBT adults admit James isn’t distressed or totally convinced he’s a girl

In his questioning of Dr. Albritton, Dr. Tomatis, and Dr. Schumer, Younger’s attorney drew their attention to the fact that James does not meet a critical aspect of the criteria required for gender dysphoria: James isn’t distressed. Dr. Albritton also testified that the boys are not afraid of their father.

Each of the expert witnesses admitted that returning to “identifying” as being a boy would be the easiest path forward for James.

Walt Heyer is a former transgender who believes that regret is real, and travels to share his story of transitioning BACK to his original gender. He wrote this for The Federalist:

James has no idea what he is in for or how his gender journey will play out, but with an incorrect diagnosis it will be ugly. I became very concerned about James because he is not exhibiting the diagnostic attributes of gender dysphoria. His gender preferences are not consistent or insistent, but flip back and forth, according to which parent is present.

If we do not save James from a misdiagnosis, his next step is chemical castration at age eight, only two years away. James needs a more comprehensive psychological assessment to explore why he identifies as a girl with mom and as a boy with dad. I want to do what I can to “Save James” from his gender nightmare, and to raise awareness about how easily children can be misdiagnosed and labeled as gender dysphoric and the extensive damage that can cause in their young lives.

It has been reported that the mother is receiving funding for these efforts. The father, however, has already incurred roughly $250,000 in legal fees and needs to raise funds. If you would like to help, or learn more about this tragedy, please visit Save James (facebook), Save James (You Tube), and Save James (GoGetFunding).

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21 Comments on Will Texas Court Force Little Boy To Become A Girl?

  1. This is horrible!! Please arrest and prosecute the mother for child abuse, and get her psychological help. Full custody of the children should be given to the father, and everyone needs counseling to get through this terrible situation.

    How awful that the courts aren’t handling this properly. The father needs a better legal team. Perhaps o furm will see this article and pick it up as a pro bono case. (They can certainly sue the mother at a later date, for child support, and pain and suffering.)

    TO WHONEVER READS THIS: Please pray for this little boy, and for his father and brother too. Pray that God will intervene and save them.

    • The mother is a f— up! she should lose the custody of her son, and all the parents who support her as a pediatrician should be doxed. Transparency, prayer, and some support for the father will help resolve this.

  2. The world of psychology/psychiatry seems to be vulnerable to “fad” conditions. Many years ago the fad was Multiple Personality Disorder. When “The Three Faces of Eve” became a runaway bestseller and movie, it triggered a contest to see which psychiatrist could find the patient with the most personalities. It does seem to be a real condition, but quite rare. Then came Past Life Regression again with many claims and competition for the most extreme.
    The media handling of these things is partly, probably mostly, to blame, but human gullibility is a strong factor also. Based on the suicide rates in the trans community, and many who develop strong regrets over sex change surgery, it’s clear that the condition is not well understood, or what kinds of treatment are appropriate. The idea that this can be identified at an early age and must be immediately accepted seems much too trivial. How does a 7 year old know what it feels like to be of the opposite sex? It seems to be completely different from homosexuality. Is there a physical aspect to it , or just mental? How much of it is projection from the parent or others? Lots of work needs to be done on this.

  3. How is doing anything to a child physically that changes them from their original body that was not harmed or hurt is not abuse? If the Judge and CPS has not removed the children from their mother, along with all the mother’s funds, and given to their father then they should be removed from positions they occupy. Further the father should be able to sue anyone supporting the mother and the Judge also should go after them as well for child abuse.

  4. Judge – ” What is the child’s chromosome makeup, XX or XY?”

    Jeff Younger attorney – ” XY, your honor.”

    Judge – “Court rules in favor of Mr Younger. All attorney fees, court costs and Mr Youngers loss of income to be paid by Dr Georgulas by October 30th 2019.”

  5. Twin boys she had and she wanted one of each now thru society she has a way: take away her medical license, jail her for child abuse and mutilation in thought, she has no business being a parent for now she has confused a child’s identity.

  6. The mother should be arrested and tried for child abuse, she is abusing her son James and should be in prison. On another note, no amount of surgeries and medication will ever change a person’s gender they were born with, chromosomes (X and Y) determine our gender, DNA proves it, and we can never change our DNA, James will be a male no matter how many dresses and panties she forces him to wear, even after all the surgeries and medication in the world.

    • The mother is taking away their son’s right to be a biological father some day if he so chooses.
      Very selfish women, not a mother.

  7. That’s the most horrible thing I’ve ever heard 😠!!! Hard to believe that a mother would subject her children to this ghoulish experiment, this will affect the other boy too!! No parent should ever be allowed to physically ABUSE a child in this manner, giving the kid no choice in regards to his future and whole life!!! NO child should be forced to do something as serious as this perverted, insane physical and mental aberration!!! That “mother” needs to be restrained from seeing or speaking to these boys and confined in a mental institution until they’re 18 and can fight for themselves!!!

  8. Child mutilation is a human rights violation. Period. “Feelings”- feeling like a girl, etc. All of that is several orders of magnitude LESS important than the physical castration of a child. This politically embued insanity will, in 20 years time, be this period’s version of lobotomization.

    Beware mad scientist masquerading as caregivers. There is a subset of the so-called healthcare profession who are clearly in the field for all the wrong reasons. Some people who train to become surgeons are NOT nice people.

    If all the talk about Nazis actually lead to people picking up a history book and learning about just what sort of atrocities so-called civilized people can perpetrate on their fellow citizens, maybe things like this wouldn’t keep happening.j

    We, as a people, need to take a firm stand against this. Again: it’s simple. This is child mutilation, the forced sterilization of pre-pubescent kids who, in some cases, are so young they probably still have imaginary friends and think Santa Claus is real.

  9. Meanwhile, child ‘protective’ services will come and take your kids if you don’t want them to have a measles vaccine.

    “Mommy” should be tried by 12 for child abuse, plain and simple. Jailed for 20 years (so she won’t influence the boys) and flushed from society afterwards.

    And all of this in TEXAS….

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