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West Bonner School District Is Out Of Control

Please vote on Tuesday, November 5th.

West Bonner School District Is Out Of Control

West Bonner School District Is Out Of Control

SHOCKING! West Bonner County School District, (WBCSD), is out of control. Somewhere along the line they have lost their way and forgotten that it is ‘We the People” that they were put in office to represent.

Over the past year I have attended several school board meetings where I, along with several other concerned citizens, have shared serious concerns about the way things were being handled at the WBCSD meetings and schools. The people have spoken out but no one is listening.

I’ve heard that it is a “Rule of Thumb” that for every one letter a representative gets this equates to 100 people who feel the same way but did not feel like writing a letter. How much more would this apply to citizens appearing at a School Board meeting to express their concerns? Over the last seven months there were more than 20 testimonies by concerned criticizes at the WBCSD meetings….all in opposition to how things were being handled. Given that “Rule of Thumb” this could represent around 2000 citizens.

As the citizens were called to speak they were timed and given two minutes to speak each. Those testifying expressed “conservative, traditional” view points and simply encouraged the Trustees to reconsider a decision that was not carefully thought out. It took months to get them to even put the issue on the agenda. Once on the agenda the discussion was quite disappointing. Rather than addressing or acknowledging the concerns of the citizens, four of the five trustees spent several minutes each, justifying their position.

For a School Board who promotes their willingness and desire to have public involvement, this was a blazing contradiction. They pretty much explained why “You people have it wrong and we know better than you!” I encourage you to visit the District website, West Bonner County School District, find the yellow banner across the top of the page, click Board Information, and go to the bottom of the white box, click the Facebook link to listen to the Trustee’s defending their own positions. This is an interesting way to respond to the public’s concerns.

North Idaho is looking a lot like Washington DC these days. I for one am not convinced that my neighbors really want to go down that path. We must remember that what is taught, encourage and endorsed in our schools today is what will form our leaders of tomorrow. We did not get here overnight. The cultural and social ills of America began over 70 years ago. America needs a revolution of restoration. We can see restoration in this country and it can start with YOU and YOUR VOTE.

I encourage you to take a stand for conservative principles, our Republic and our Constitution and help return the WBC Schools to the people!

Three School Trustee positions are up for election on Tuesday, November 5th.

Please VOTE for new faces, VOTE for change, and VOTE for reason.


TODD SUDICK had no competitor so is already through..


Sherie Clipson
Oldtown, ID


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