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UF Lies About Their Bias At Trump Jr Rally

The posted guidelines were apparently meant for the conservative students that might have gotten upset at the disruptions.

UF Lies About Their Bias At Trump Jr Rally

UF Lies About Their Bias At Trump Jr Rally

by Shari Dovale

More from the files of the progressive indoctrination of our students in Public, State-Controlled Schools.

The University of Florida showed their bias against their conservative students this week when they supported the complete disruption of a conservative rally.

The event featuring Donald Trump Jr. and former Fox News commentator Kimberly Guilfoyle was held on Thursday, October 10th, and showed hundreds of students in attendance.

Turning Point USA (TPUSA) issued a statement:

This University statement is a demonstrable lie. Our entire core membership, as well as Young Americans for Freedom and College Republicans, witnessed a hecklers veto the entire night. Had it not been for spirited patriots who applauded the speakers’s positive message, the night would have been ruined for everyone.

Protestors continuously disrupted the speakers and the University did not fulfill their obligation to enforce the rules of respect. Protestors slandered Donald Trump Jr. and Kimberly Guilfoyle with names like “white supremacist,” “racist”, and other disgusting names.

We’re thankful to accent speakers bureau for bringing Donald Trump Jr. and Kimberly Guilfoyle, but the University’s pathetic, dishonest statement once again proves the bias against free speech for conservatives on campus.

Though they posted guidelines for the event, they obviously did not mean to include anyone that actually disagreed with the speakers. It must have been meant for those that might have been upset at the disruptions.

The statement from UF concerning the protesters said:

…students at the University of Florida exemplified civility and tolerance this evening. Despite intense disagreement among students over the invited speaker, the event proceeded without disruption.”

Campus Reform was at the rally, and provide some video:

Campus Reform also reached out to UF for further comment and clarification. UF spokesman Steven Orlando responded by acknowledging that “there was disruption.” 

“You’re right, there was disruption at the event, but in the end those who went to hear the speakers were able to do so, and the speakers were able to complete their program in its entirety. We do indeed set the expectation of behavior and civil discourse, and we reiterated those expectations repeatedly prior to the beginning of the event. Several members of the audience who were repeatedly disruptive were asked to leave, and they did so voluntarily,” Orlando said. 


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  1. I see absolutely no reason for any public funding whatsoever of post K-12 education. That includes so-called “student loans”, which are just another way to funnel money to the corrupt indoctrination department.

    In fact, I see no Constitutional grounds for the existence of the Department of Education whatsoever. Without the support of taxpayer funds, the grotesque spending, tenure, and sabbaticals of highly overpaid “professors” would end in a heartbeat. Students would choose where they go to college/university based on quality of education instead of where they could get the most “graft”…aka grants etc. Without the corrupt money, tuition would fall dramatically or the institution would fail, as it should.

    K-12 education fares no better. Teachers unions are owned by communists and our students performance scores show it. Instead, lets make the student monetary allotment travel with the student, and they (and their parents) can choose where they go to school. Schools have to compete for students…even home schoolers get the money. All you have to do is pass grade equivalent tests, based on reading, writing, arithmetic, and REAL history. That would break the teachers unions, improve education almost instantly, and get the monkey of corruption off of the taxpayers backs once and for all.

    Wait, is that a unicorn I see? I know, I’ll see a unicorn when the above actually happens.

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